6 Ways to Wear Fishnets Under Jeans

One of the biggest street style trends I noticed at New York Fashion Week was wearing fishnet tights under ripped jeans. I've been seeing the trend pop up all over Instagram but was hesitant to try it out. I feel like Kendall Jenner  is the only one who can pull off letting her tights peek out above and below her jeans. But showing just a touch of texture underneath ripped jeans can look very cool... and much more simple to pull off.


3 Ways to Make a Cardigan Set Look Modern

I used to have cardigan sets in just about every color. I started collecting them when I decide to got to college in Boston. I wanted my entire wardrobe to be preppy chic, just like the cast of Legally Blonde. Over the years, I parted with most of my cardis. But I've recently gotten back into the matching sets.

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How To Fake Perfect Eyebrows with Makeup

I have a love-hate relationship with my eyebrows. I love that they're full and frame my face. But with full brows comes constant upkeep. I generally get them waxed every three weeks. But between my travel schedule and wanting to save money, I often try to extend the time between appointments. So today I made a quick makeup tutorial to show how I fake the look of perfectly groomed brows with makeup. This trick is also super helpful if you're trying to grow out your brows!

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How To Dress Like a Supermodel Off-Duty in 3 Easy Steps

In week's Inspired By column, I took inspiration from three celebrities! I've been noticing supermodels wearing a super simple yet super chic outfit for their off-duty street style. When I was in New York, I tried it out and thanks to the roomy dress and added height from the shoes, you don't have to be a model to look good in this look. Here are the three pieces you need to try out the trend:

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Three Great NYC Spots for Green Tea Lovers

If you watched my New York Fashion Week vlog, you already know it was freezing in the city! I sipped lots of green tea to keep warm. In last weeks Sunday Bites & Sips I shared my NYC restaurant guide so today I figured I bring you to my three favorite spots for green tea in the city: