How I Brought Art Into My Home Through My New TV!

I could not be more excited about today's post. It's my finishing solution to my new apartment: The Frame TV by Samsung. When decorating my apartment I didn't know what to do about the television. Everything was so clean and white. Sure, I have pops of color from my couch and artwork. But a big black rectangle ruining the space got my head spinning.


This Sweater Trick Is Sure to Keep You Extra Warm!

I've never been a fan of cold weather. That's partly why I live in Los Angeles. But between going to school in Boston, and frequenting New York over the years, I had to come up with a bunch of cold weather layering tips to keep warm. Here are three easy steps for layering sweaters:


Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

Everyone I talk to still has lots of holiday shopping to do. In today's holiday gift guide, I wanted to share some gift ideas that give back to charity. It's the gift that keeps giving!


You Can’t Mess Up This Casual Fall Outfit Formula!

When I'm traveling, I try to come up with easy outfit ideas so I don't have to think too much while getting ready in my hotel room. During my recent trip to Napa, my fall outfit formula was foolproof: skinny jeans + a turtleneck and matching booties.


Peek Inside My New Bedroom!

I'm so excited to bring you into my new bedroom! Every week I'm sharing a new space in my recently renovated home. Today I'm kicking it off with the bedroom.


6 Ways to Wear the White Booties Trends

In last week's Saturday Six, we chatted about my sock booties obsession. Another popular boot trend this season is the white bootie. I don't have any white booties myself but I've been seeing them pop up all over Instagram. So while trying to decide if I want to try the trend, I put together inspo from some of my fave fashion bloggers. What do you think about the shoes?