6 Cork Pumps to Lengthen Your Legs For Spring

One of my favorite styling tricks for looking taller is matching my skin tone to my shoes. Slipping into a nude shoe instantly lengthens your legs. Another styling tip to elongate your body? Pointy pumps. When you combine both, it's as if you magically grew a few inches.


Spring Cleaning Made With eBay

Every season, I clean out my closest. I donate some items to charity and others I sell online. I'm always surprised on how much I'm holding onto for absolutely no reason. Case in point? The first camera I bought as a blogger. I think every fashion blogger started out with a Canon Rebel. I've since upgraded and with all my upcoming travel, I want to buy a new lens. So I decided to list my first camera on eBay so I can put the money towards taking even better photos for my blog.


Top Accessory Trends For Spring

Today's Trend Guide video was inspired by a question from my YouTube family. I was asked, "What accessories should I be wearing for Spring?" So I created a video showcasing some of the top accessories of the season. My favorite part about accessories is they're a super affordable and easy way to instantly make any outfit look on trend. Simply add one or two of the accessories in the video to a little black dress or jeans and a tee and your basic outfit gets an Spring update!


Inspired By Celebrities To Bring Back Gold Hoop Earrings

There are some pieces of jewelry that I never part with: sentimental jewels and trends I know will come back in style. I'm thrilled I held onto my gold hoop earrings. Because the jewelry trend is back, and bigger than ever.


Naked Banana Split Recipe

I always say I'm not a desert person but I am an ice cream person. I especially love banana splits. When I was touring colleges with my mom in high school, we had a fun tradition of ordering banana splits for room service at every hotel during our trip. But that was when I had a teenager's metabolism. These days, I get my ice cream fix through lower calorie options like frozen yogurt. I stumbled upon Rachel Schultz's fried honey banana recipe on Pinterest and thought it would make the perfect topping for a "healthier" banana split, or what I like to call a naked banana split. I now eat this any time I have an ice cream craving.