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Smelling the Roses From Day to Night & Giveaway!

The theme of my New Year's resolution this year was to stop and smell the roses. I'm always so caught up with work and social media that I wanted to make time to appreciate the little things in life. So when Philosophy asked me to partner with them for their new Amazing Grace Ballet Rose collection, I leaped at the opportunity.


How to Wear a Printed Jumpsuit from Day to Night

Whenever I'm in NYC, I try to plan outfits that easily take me from day to night. Since I don't have the luxury of using my car as a closet, I utilize accessories I can easily throw in my bag to switch up my outfits.


Currently Obsessed with Embroidered Denim Shorts & Jeans

Sorry for the embroidery overload but I'm absolutely obsessed with the embroidered trend! The other week I chatted about embroidered shirts being a great summer to fall fashion staple. Today I want to talk about embroidered denim shorts and jeans.