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5 Best Beach Reads for Summer 2017


Sydne Style wears black target bikini for summer swimwear trends I’ve been reading up a storm recently. Instead of watching TV before bed, I made the switch to books. I’ve also been swapping movies on the plane for novels. And with so many of my recent trips being by the water, most of the books have been summer beach reads.

After reading over ten books in the past two months, I narrowed it down to five for the top summer beach reads. Some are funny, some are page-turning thrillers. And I thoroughly enjoyed each one. Although I’m calling this my best beach reads post, you obviously don’t need to read these books by the ocean!


After pages and pages of non stop laughter, I’ve been recommending this book to anyone and everyone. It’s about an editor of a top glossy magazine who finds herself essentially replaced by her former assistant in the magazine’s efforts to go digital. It’s such a relatable book whether you roll your eyes at people who don’t understand social media or can sympathize with a generation struggling to tweet for the first time. And if you’re at all related to the fashion, tech or beauty industry, you’ll find it even that much more entertaining.


If you loved Gone Girl and Girl on the Train, make this next on your list. The book is so suspenseful that I finished it in one day. The story is based on a 33 year-old pregnant woman living alone in London. She is reconnected with her creepy old childhood friend. It weaves in and out of the present time and from when they were teenagers, leaving you wondering about the friend’s motives for returning. The ending is shocking!


Full disclosure: I’ve been friends with the author for years. But as her friend, I can say that there is nobody better to write a novel about royalty. Nadine has always been fascinated! This book is like a mixture of Gossip Girl meets Kate Middleton. It’s about two teenage sisters who are polar opposites but fall head over heels for a prince . It may be a young adult novel but the love triangle is incredibly entertaining!


Switching back and forth from the 1950s and the present time makes this book rich of history while still totally relatable. It follows the tale of a modern journalist whose life is falling apart as she becomes obsessed with the past of a once incredibly glamorous women-only hotel. Her life connects with one of the residents and a mysterious secret is explored and shockingly revealed.


They say don’t judge a book by its cover but this one is just as adorable as the lips illustration you first see when you pick it up. It reminds me of a mix between the movies 13 Going on 30 and Love Potion No.9 all told from a Lena Durham Girls perspective. Three “regular” girls suddenly become drop-dead gorgeous. But beauty isn’t all that its cracked up to be.

Most of these books I found in my girl Grace’s book club. She is the most voracious reader I know and has great recommendations. I’m joining a book club of my own with some friends in LA so I’d love to hear if you have any summer books you’d recommend. I’m also toying with the idea of doing a live stories on Instagram during our book club so just let me know if you’d be interested!

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Sydne Style wears black bikini from target swimwear Photos by Michelle Kyle

Bikini: Target (similar black bikinis here)
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Nails: Essie  “Baguette Me Not”

  • Natali

    First of all, love your bikini! Secondly, I have to check those books, I love bringing a good book with me to the beach!

  • Sydne Summer

    Thanks so much Natali! Hope you enjoy them!

  • Jennifer Essad

    I like your choice of titles, I’m anxious to read the Dollhouse and you can’t go wrong with classic black and white. It’s a sharp look on you and one I think we can all read

  • Sydne Summer

    Thank you! Would love to hear what you think, it’s a great book!

  • Jennifer Essad

    hoping the month of June is slower paced so I can start a book