3 Beauty Faves: What I Relied On When I Was Sick


Sydne Style reviews shiseido essential energy moisturizing cream If you follow me on Insta Stories, you probably know that I was sick for over a week. I came down with a horrible sinus infection that made me have to cancel fashion week this season. There are three products I came to rely on when home sick. They were seriously life savers!

Sydne Style reviews garnier anti puff eye roller for best beauty products to use when sick

Garnier Anti-Puff Eye Roller

I’ve been using eye rollers for years. I keep them in the refrigerator for a cooling effect on my eyes in the morning if I don’t sleep well… or in the case of last week if I don’t feel Garnier Anit-Puff Eye Rollerwell. Every time I opened my fridge I’d reapply my ($9.89). The cool ball helped ease my sinus pain and the formula helped me look a little better than I felt.

Sydne Style reviews Burts Bees complete nourishment facial oil for best products to use when sick

Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil

With a sinus infection comes a ton of blowing your nose. Usually my nose is raw when I’m halfway into my cold. So this time I decided to use an oil. I just got Burt’s Bees facial oil ($19.99) and would apply some just to the bottom of my nose a few times a day. The result? For the first time ever being sick my nose isn’t dry and peeling from tissues! It smells like a spa, which I also found to be relaxing.

Sydne Style reviews Sheiseido essential energy moisturizing cream for best products to use for dry skin

Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream

I started using Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream ($48) last month and have been loving it. It’s super moisturizing, which is helpful in winter months. But it’s still really lightweight, which I extra appreciated when I was sick since I all I did was sleep and didn’t want a lot of product all over my pillow. The scent is really lightweight and as an added bonus the minimalist packaging looks perfect in my white bathroom.

Do you have any beauty products you love when you’re feeling under the weather?

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