The Easiest Way to Water Orchids: My Favorite $14 Home Decor Item


Sydne Style shares home decor ideas for blush glam living room with orchids The other week we chatted about how to water succulents. The only other plant I keep in my home are orchids. I pick them up at Trader Joe’s for $14. It’s seriously the best deal ever because they come planted in little pots. I usually go with white but they have all different colors. And thanks to the watering trick I learned, my $14 orchid plants stay gorgeous for months on end.

So what is the trick to watering orchids?

Ice cubes!

Seriously, that’s it. You simply place ice cubes onto your orchid plant one to two times per week. It acts as a drip system and keeps them alive and beautiful. You want to place the ice on the soil, not the leaves. And honestly, I don’t remember to do it consistently. It’s usually when I’m taking something out of the freezer and I think, oh I should “water” my orchids today.

Sydne Style wears wayf blush wrap dress for spring Photos by Vanessa Tierney

Dress: Wayf
Rings: Gorjana
Table: High Fashion Home (similar)
Candles: Diptyque and Capri Blue

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