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NYFW Day 3: Stripes in the City

Stripes are definitely one of my favorite prints. You can wear them year-round! For winter, I like using colorful stripes to brighten a cold day. And day three of fashion week was certainly freezing! I used my heat pack trick from my winter layering tips video to keep warm. It was a life saver! Here's a peek into my day:

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NYC Guide: My Favorite New York Restaurants

New York City is basically my second home. Both my parents grew up in New York so I've been visiting since before I can remember. Since I go there so often for work and to see friends (two of my besties live in the city!) I get to try out new restaurants every trip.  I'm constantly asked where to eat in New York City. So since we're smack in the middle of New York Fashion Week I figured I'd make today's Sunday Bites & Sips a NYC restaurant guide to eight of my favorite spots. Follow along on Instagram and Insta Stories (I'm @sydnesummer) because I'll be trying out new places this week as well. Depending how they go I might need to do an updated list!


6 Ways to Wear White Jeans in Winter

The no white jeans after Labor Day rule got thrown at ages ago. Nowadays you can wear white jeans all year long. I love the look of white jeans in winter. It's so fresh, especially when paired with an all-white winter look or crisp black and white styling. I've been seeing a bunch of girls wearing white jeans at fashion week. And one of my fave fashion week looks that I wore in previous seasons was white jeans with a trench coat. So in today's Saturday Six I wanted to share 6 ideas for wearing white jeans in winter.


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NYFW Day 1: Snow Bright

Day 1 of New York Fashion Week can be summed up in two words: Snow Bright. It was white everywhere and I used fuzzy accents for a pop of color. This season I'm doing my fashion week recap a little bit differently and bringing you inside my day. I hope you like the play-by-play!

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New York Fashion Week Throwback Thursday

Happy Fashion Week! New York Fashion Week officially kicks off today and I couldn't be more excited. February is a rough month because I get so excited about upcoming spring fashions but it's brutally cold in New York! Last year I remember waking up and looking at the weather and it said 0. It was literally zero degrees outside. And this morning I woke up to a winter wonderland snowstorm. Crazy!