How To Wear the Colorful Stripes Trend for Spring

Stripes come back in fashion every year. But this season, it's all about color! Designers sent rainbow stripes down the runways with bold lines in every color imaginable. Whether you go for a more subtle pastel or a more vibrant hue, colorful stripes are a sure way to inject some fun into your spring and summer wardrobe.

Inspired By / Style

Inspired By Victoria Beckham’s Pleated Skirt & Camilla Belle’s Pom Poms

When I started this Inspired By column, the goal was to show how you can use red carpet and celebrity street style as inspiration. While my outfits are always more affordable, the series isn't a set celebrity look for less. Case in point? Today's outfit was inspired by two fashionistas: Victoria Beckham and Camilla Belle.

Health & Fitness

Meditation for Beginners: 3 Tips with Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen

Meditation scares me. I could think of a thousand things I'd rather do then sit in silence trying to, well, not think. Knowing how great it is for the mind, I've attempted meditation a handful of times. It never worked. My mind raced over my to-do list, what photo I should post  on Instagram, what I'd be wearing later that evening... basically every thought that distracted me from stillness. So needless to say, when I saw meditation was going to be a daily activity during my Aruba trip I was nervous. But then I met Yoga Girl.


May Edit: What I Want This Month

I can't believe it's already May! With Memorial Day a few weeks away, it means summer is almost unofficially here. I clearly have vacations on my mind! Here are some of the things I want this month...


6 Cork Pumps to Lengthen Your Legs For Spring

One of my favorite styling tricks for looking taller is matching my skin tone to my shoes. Slipping into a nude shoe instantly lengthens your legs. Another styling tip to elongate your body? Pointy pumps. When you combine both, it's as if you magically grew a few inches.


Spring Cleaning Made Easy With eBay

Every season, I clean out my closest. I donate some items to charity and others I sell online. I'm always surprised on how much I'm holding onto for absolutely no reason. Case in point? The first camera I bought as a blogger. I think every fashion blogger started out with a Canon Rebel. I've since upgraded and with all my upcoming travel, I want to buy a new lens. So I decided to list my first camera on eBay so I can put the money towards taking even better photos for my blog.