How to Choose Art For Your Home

Art has always been very personal for me. I love creating my own paintings for my home. For my new home, I delved into photography as well, with my photographer Michelle. See how we created a vibrant photograph for my kitchen, peek inside my new oil painting and explore the other artwork I bought for my new home.


Shop the Best Black Friday Deals Online

The biggest shopping day of the year is finally here! Happy Black Friday! I spent the morning ordering tons of gifts (get shopping ideas here). One of the biggest surprise Black Friday sales for me was Anthropologie. I don't think they've ever gone as high as 30% off! Candles for everyone! There are also a ton of 50% deals, today only. Here are my top Black Friday sales and selects...

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These Accessories Will Keep You Cozy for Holiday Travel

With Thanksgiving just days away, I've been starting to think about what to wear when traveling home for the holidays. Over the years I've perfected my uniform: a black base (usually stretchy jeans and a cashmere sweater) with cozy cold weather accessories. These are my four go-tos:


Cuddle Up in an Instant Mood Brightener With These Coats!

With cold weather often comes gray days. To brighten my mood, I've been playing around with colorful coats. I just found this fun confetti coat and love how the mix of colors goes with everything in my wardrobe.