Milan Fashion Week Fall 2009 Roundup

Excited For... Brocade, Roses Still Loving... Statement Necklaces, Trench Coats Hesitant About... Cropped Pants, Hollywood Tired Of... Bow-Ties, Fingerless Gloves Check back next week for...

Fall 2009 Milan Fashion Week Trends: Still Loving… Trench Coats

In times like these, you want to look for good investments. So if you can only make one outerwear purchase, make it trench. They never...

Fall 2009 Milan Fashion Week Trends: Excited For… Roses

Moschino and Burberry's roses were red, Emporio Armani and Prada bloomed in pink and blue But I also loved Aquilando Rimondi's architectural buds, too. (clockwise...

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