July 4, 2011

ttF Blogger Staple: Dedicated Follower of Fashion’s Tulle Skirt

Kelsi Smith is a Dedicated Follower of Fashion—and it’s the name of her popular blog, where she posts the latest indie designers, LA events and street style photos. Originally from the UK, Kelsi has a unique, eccentric style, which she blends with the latest fashion trends. And when she’s not blogging, you can find her running the west coast fashion blogger group Two Point Oh! LA. Here, she takes time out of her busy schedule to take the tutu skirt (my ttF Fashion Staple back in January!) out on a twirl for ThinkThruFashion…

The Staple: Tulle skirt

Who Makes It: H&M

Why I Chose It: I love that in theory a tulle ballerina skirt is pretty impractical – but in practice it’s one of the most practical things in my wardrobe! It goes with everything, can be worn anywhere and for any occasion!

Where I’d Wear It: Picture one is perfect for a date – pretty, excessively feminine and very delicate – the most “Ballerina-esque” of them all! Picture two is the “Professional” look (hence the specs – ha!) of course – it depends what kind of office you work in – but in my imaginary corporate world – this is the perfect look. Picture three is perfect for a lunch with the girls, a shopping trip, happy hour – everyday wear!

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  1. Crystal commented:

    Did you purchase the tulle skirt recently? I love the length. The black one I had seen previously is too short for my taste.

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  2. Hi Crystal!

    It was purchased a few months back!

    Kelsi x

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