For My Readers

While I do collect information from my readers, it’s solely to learn about you and your interests so I can create more compelling content. Don’t worry, I never share any information with outside parties or blog sponsors.

All the images on my blog are created by me with my photographers, unless noted otherwise. I’m honored when you guys want to share my images! Just please make sure to always credit and link back. I work very hard on my content so I really appreciate it.

Disclosure & Affiliates
I use affiliate programs for most of my links and in return receive a small commission of sales. If a brand is paying me for a blog post, I fully disclose the sponsorship. But this does not interfere with my editorial content. I will never post about a brand or product that I don’t believe in. Everything on this blog and my social media is Sydne Style approved, with or without profit.

Sydne Style reserves the right to remove any comments, previous posts and link without notice or explanation. Anything inappropriate, offensive, spam or any comments that include unrelated content will be deleted per discretion.

For Brands & Sponsors

Sponsored Posts
I am happy to look at sponsored partnerships and will provide a media kit upon request if I believe the collaboration is the right fit for the Sydne Style brand. Reach out to sydne@www.sydnestyle.com with full details.

While I do accept gifting, there is no guarantee of inclusion on my blog or social media channels.