March 31, 2009

ThinkThru This Quote: Rick Cytrynbaum

nicole“Nicole Richie is by far one of America’s biggest fashion icons right now. We’re investing millions into this brand. This is like nothing out there right now.” —president of Modern Vintage and Nicole Richie’s business partner, Rick Cytrynbaum, on House of Harlow 1960’s expansion into shoes, apparel, bags, sunglasses and belts.

I agree Nicole Richie is a fashion icon. The biggest right now? Not sure about that one. Plus, her bohemian glam style so closely resembles that of her former stylist, Rachel Zoe. Though I will admit, finding stylish, affordable vintage pieces is an arduous task. Nicole’s jewelry collection made hippie chic accessorizing a cinch. So even if her new designs aren’t revolutionary, I’m sure they’ll be a hit.

Photo credit: Nicole Richie fashion

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  1. Elisabeth commented:

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  2. Henry Larry commented:

    Nicole Richie influence on fashion is undeniable but claiming her as the biggest icon right now might be a stretch. Nonetheless her designs effortlessly blend bohemian flair with chic sophistication making them a surefire hit.
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