June 8, 2009

An Open Letter to Forever 21

Forever 21 copies

Dear Forever 21,

I love your store. I shop there at least once a month to stock up on trendy and affordable clothing and accessories. But today you disappointed me. While browsing your new arrivals I discovered a pair of wicker cage pumps ($29.80) that look just like the Steve Madden platform sandals I bought last summer. Then I saw your bold floral woven skirt ($14.80). The pattern is nearly identical to the bright Aqua skirt I wore to my housewarming last spring. What gives? I understand everyone makes mistakes but if you’re going to take inspiration, please do it from new designs or dig up ideas from way back into the past, not 2008.

Love your loyalโ€”but slightly upsetโ€”customer,
Sydne at ThinkThruFashion


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  1. Sally McGraw commented:

    Those F21ers are a bit shameless, aren’t they?

    Published 6.9.09 Reply
  2. pinktulip commented:

    I love your Aqua skirt. How many lawsuits does F21 want lol?

    Published 6.9.09 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      Thanks! I like it too. But now so many people will probably have it I’m not sure how much I will wear it anymore!

      Published 6.9.09 Reply
  3. Rose commented:

    I think that’s exactly what Forever 21 (and Topshop too) are there for.

    Published 6.14.09 Reply

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