June 5, 2009

One Pink Cardigan, LaToya’s Look Book’s 4 Looks

LaToya of LaToya's Look Book Pink Cardigan

This week’s guest blogger is LaToya, a Michigan nursing student who combines her love for fashion and exercise on her blog, LaToya’s Look Book. Seeing her toned figure in adorable summer dresses is the reason I’ve started taking more interest in Exercise TV. Here, LaToya thinks thru four ways to style one bright pink cardigan. She couldn’t have chosen a better piece. Cardigans are all the rage right now and hot pink is one of the biggest colors for summer. My favorite look is #1. The happy color combo reminds me of last year’s uplifting Hermes ads. But here’s what LaToya had to say about her four looks…

1. This look was created with the thought of summer barbeques in mind. I’m a total dress girl, and I love how throwing on this cardigan brought an extra pop of pink to my already bright outfit. I just like looking lively and decided to wear a nice neutral wedge shoe so the focus would be on my clothing.

2. This outfit looks preppy, but once the cardigan is lost it’s something I’d wear to a club . . . or Starbucks. I like using this cardigan to bring my gray outfit to life since I’m not very fond of wearing accessories.

3. This look is something I would wear almost anywhere honestly! I love dressing up even if it’s for a quick trip to the grocery store. I like the mix of preppy and feminine with this look. I’ve been dying to style this skirt and think it goes perfectly with this pink cardigan and tan blazer.

4. This is my walking outfit, mainly due to the shoes. I wear this when I’m strolling around downtown with the boyfriend or when I’m walking our dog. This purple dress makes me look prego, so to fix that problem I put on this cardigan and belt to show there is no bun in my oven. I added a bracelet with colors that matched the belt as well as shoes. —LaToya of LaToya’s Look Book

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  1. Sal commented:

    Dang, LaToya is a KNOCKOUT! And I adore all four looks. Seriously, don’t make me choose.

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  2. Jenn @ Workchic commented:

    LaToya did a great job putthing these 4 looks together. We’d be happy to see looks 1 and 3 in the office.

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  3. LMAC commented:

    I’m so excited to see this, thanks!

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