June 15, 2009

Sex and the City Style Resurrection: Hip Huggers and the Naked Dress

Sex and the City Bad FashionThe Sex and the City sequel begins filming next month (it’s set to hit theaters in May 2010). So maybe that’s why I’ve been noticing so many Carrie Bradshaw-esque clothing online. Unfortunately, it’s the fashion I wish stayed in my DVD box set of the series. Take this Free People slip dress, for instance. Does it not remind you exactly of the infamous naked dress Carrie wore on her first date with Mr. Big? I’m all for the nude trend. In fact, I wore a nude dress to a cocktail party I hosted over the weekend. But I prefer wearing flesh tones, instead of exposing all my flesh. That way people say your dress is pretty, not “interesting” as Mr. Big commented.

Then there are Free People’s hip huggers. Let’s pray those don’t find their way into Sex and the City 2. Not even Carrie can make the burgundy band look stylish.

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  1. Helen commented:

    Hey, this is a great post. I agree with you, I’m not sure that Mr. Big’s ‘Interesting Dress’ comment is necessarily what we should be going for but then at the same time I think, what do men know about style anyway? Can’t wait for SATC 2. I may even dress up to go and see it this time. Cheesy I know, but these opportunities don’t come along often!

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