July 21, 2009

One Ankle-Length Cigarette Pant, Already Pretty’s 6 Different Looks

Already Pretty Styles One Pant Six Ways

If you’re ever feeling bad about your body, just head over to Already Pretty. The blog is an instant image booster. Sally McGraw is like a nurturing sister, showing you her sense of style—and helping you discover your own. Here, she creates six outfits using a pair of ankle-length cigarette pants. My favorite is #2. The leather waist belt shows off her curves and the scarf provides a pop of color.

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Here’s what Already Pretty had to say about the outfits she created…

When Sydne asked me to contribute to this feature, I was SO flattered… but also stymied. Which item of clothing should I remix? Some of my favorite wardrobe staples had already been done and I was simply at a loss. We bounced some ideas around and when Sydne suggested I try my ankle-length cigarette pants, a lightbulb went off. I’m a skirt girl at heart, but I do so adore these pants … despite the fact that they are EXTREMELY challenging for someone with my figure.  Or, really, any figure!  Ankle-length pants are tough to pull off without looking short and stumpy, and tightly-fitting ones present a whole other set of obstacles to the curve-conscious. But I think I’ve concocted a few choice ensembles around these trousers that work for me, and might even work for you if you’re willing to brave this persnickety pant!

1. Pants this slim-fitting can almost pass for leggings, and look sleek and refined with a floaty tunic. High-vamp shoes help minimize the stumpification.

2. I just adore the retro feel of this outfit. The scarf evokes a bit of French-chic, the belt creates a flatteringly cinched waistline, and the high-vamp shoes help elongate the line of the pant.

3. This is my nod to Audrey Hepburn, the woman who springs to mind when you see a pair of ankle-length black pants on ANYONE. A stripy sweater casts a slightly European air, and these low-heeled shoes are as close to ballet flats as I’ll ever come!

4. This chunky belt adds a dash of punk, and also continues in the waist-cinching vein. I definitely play up my curviness when I wear these cigarette pants. There’s no chance of hiding ’em, so might as well flaunt ’em.

5. Another retro-influenced look! A plain white tee and jean jacket paired with a chunky houndstooth scarf make me feel fabulously fifties. The bright heels contribute a dash of modernity to the ensemble.

6. The proportions of this outfit shouldn’t work … and I suppose they’re not my best. But I just love the blocks of color created by the cropped jacket, long tank, and dark pants. A little bit 80s, but in a good way!

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  1. Michelle commented:

    Ohh, apparently I’m in the minority, but I just LOVE look #4! The bright blue with all the black, and the recurring theme of buckles…girly-punkish without been overly kitschy or cliche and it all looks wonderfully pulled together.

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  2. Sal commented:

    Thanks again for letting me contribute, S. This was fun AND challenging!

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