July 25, 2009

ttF Daily Fave: Cargo Lip Gloss With Built-In Timestrip

CARGO Lip Gloss With Built-In TimestripI would guess that most people don’t abide by makeup shelf life guidelines. Beauty sites don’t even agree on the exact numbers. Some say you can keep lip gloss for 18 months, while others say throw it out after a year. I can never remember when I bought my lip glosses so I just toss them if they smell funny. Of course, I could take a sharpie and write the date of purchase on each tube, but it’s not likely that would last. CARGO make it easy to know when your gloss expires with a Built-In Timestrip that gradually turns red, informing you when you need to replace your product. CARGO Classic Lip Gloss ($22) hydrates lips while CARGO blu_ray High Definition Lip Gloss ($24) also plumps them and fills out fine lines.

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