September 1, 2009

Ask ThinkThru: What Shoes Should I Wear to Travel Around Europe?

Comfortable Shoe Recommendations for Europe

My husband and I are traveling to Europe for the first time and I need a shoe that is dressier than a sneaker but more comfortable then a standard flat. Also one that would go with most outfits… is there anything that you recommend? Also any good packing tips? –Meredith

When I was traveling around Europe over three years ago, London Sole ballet flats saved my soles. I wore a bronze pair, similar to these Harriet Metallic flats walking all over Paris, Barcelona, and London. At first, I was horrified by the price. But the shoes held up through my travels and are still in good enough condition for me to wear to work today. I suggest ordering half a size larger than you usually wear and then adding a Dr. Scholl’s insole for extra comfort.

When it was colder, I relied on my Cole Haan Air boots to keep me comfortable. I had a pair similar to these Cole Haan Air Petra Tall Boots that I wore with leggings, skirts and skinny jeans. A bunch of my friends swore by the rest of Cole Haan’s Air line, including flats like the Cole Haan Air Maggy Ballet and Cole Haan Air Seana Ballet. Go for a metallic since it will match most outfits.

And don’t forget to break in your shoes before you go. Wear them while your packing and when you’re running last minute errands. Sometimes I wear mine with socks around the house a few nights before I leave.

As for packing

I’m a proponent of lists. I write down every day I’ll be traveling then list what I need that day: travel outfit, day outfit, casual night outfit, fancy night outfit, etc. Then I create outfits for each occasion. For example, I’ll figure out 6 day outfits, 3 fancy night outfits, 3 casual night outfits and 2 travel outfits. That way, while I’m on vacation, I already have an outfit in my head and don’t have to waste time in the hotel room trying on clothes. Of course, you want to throw in a few extra sweaters, tees and tanks in case you change your mind at the last minute. We are women, after all.

I hope that helps a little bit. If you need more info let me know where you’re traveling and I can give further suggestions. Have a fab trip with the hubby!

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  1. Sal commented:

    Great recommendations!

    Published 9.1.09 Reply
  2. Meredith commented:

    Love all the suggestions! Thank you so much for the help and guidance! I have a similar pair of flat boots and was planning on bringing those. We’re going to southern Germany (munich, etc) for our 10-day trip. 🙂 Again a giant THANK YOU!

    Published 9.1.09 Reply
  3. Sydne commented:

    So glad I could help. Have so much fun in Germany!!

    Published 9.1.09 Reply
  4. pinktulip commented:

    ? how about these?$CATCH2_450x450$&wid=450&hei=450&fmt=png-alpha&fmt=jpeg

    they don’t give any toe cleavage tho. Do you think it’s necessary to have some to to seem less matronly?

    Published 9.3.09 Reply
  5. Sydne commented:

    I don’t think toe cleavage is necessary if you’re planning to wear pants or jeans. If you’re going to wear a skirt, the toe cleavage is better because it slightly elongates the leg. Those are cute though!

    Published 9.4.09 Reply

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