October 29, 2009

ttF Daily Fave: True Blood Jewelry

True Blood JewelryThis vampire obsession just keeps getting bigger. The other day I heard about Robert Pattison undies—so gross! HBO’s True Blood jewelry is more up my alley. Granted, I’d never pay this much for jewelry that resembles blood and has a fang-like clasp but it’s pretty cool to look at.

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  1. Style Spy commented:

    Oh, dear… I am baffled by this. Why would any adult (because that jewelry is not crazy-expensive, but obviously out of the range of most 14-year olds unless they have one helluva babysitting concession going) want to advertise their obsession with a series of novels written for adolescents? I’m ready for this whole fad to pass, please.

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  2. denise commented:

    Yuo are retarded… this show is not for 14 year old. Really… you think a 14 year old should be allowed to watch people having sex, massive orgies, naked people in general, and all the violence that’s also on the show?! Maybe the books were intended for a younger audience… but for sure not the show. Why else would it be on HBO after 10 on a school night. If it was made for 14 year olds it would be on the WB or The N.

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