January 20, 2010

ttF Fashion Diary: Elf Yourself

ttF Fashion Staples Series January 20

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: Elf Yourself
I was going to wear jeans this morning but instead put on green tights. I felt like an elf. A cute elf, but an elf nonetheless. I get to work and the first thing my friend says to me is, “Love your outfit. You look like a holiday spirit.” Is that code word for elf?

After drinking four cups of green tea I got hot, took off my velvet jacket and felt less elf-like. Another co-worker passed my desk to look at the gorgeous flowers I just received (If you’re in LA and need a good floral shop I highly suggest Moe’s. Expensive but exquisite). She said I had a killer wardrobe, sighed then said she dresses the same every day. But that’s the purpose of the ttF Fashion Staples Series. To show you don’t need a huge killer wardrobe. You just need to know how to think thru your fashion staples.

Banana Republic blouse, Moon jacket, Forever 21 skirt and tights, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Maya Brenner Pisces necklace

Fashion Staples Used: Silk Blouse, Reversible Belt

ttF Fashion Staples Series January 20

ttF Fashion Staples Series January 20My go-to friend for taking my picture was busy today so I asked the boy with the most fabulous shoes in our office to take fill in. How fun are Brett Michael’s silver sneaks from Urban?

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