April 2, 2010

ttF Fashion Diary: Afternoon Drive

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: April 2

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: Afternoon Drive
Today I needed something that was appropriate for work but still comfy enough for my trip down to San Diego. A knit sweater and leggings did the trick. It was strange being by the beach in boots but it’s been pretty cold for SoCal standards. Plus, black was the perfect choice for my reunion with Bunny. I hadn’t seen my dog for an entire month so needless to say she immediately jumped onto my lapβ€”and I welcomed her with open arms.

Forever 21 leggings, sweater and belt, Dolce Vita boots, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses

Fashion Staples Used: Studded Wrap Belt

ttF Fashion Staples Series Diary: April 2

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  1. Mike commented:

    Green is my favorite color, and you wear it very well! Beautiful again!

    Published 5.12.11 Reply
  2. Ragbir Ragbir commented:

    Please help me find a good gift for my mom. She will be 60 soon. All people who I ask suggest really strange things like vacuum cleaners or even a wheelchair!

    Published 10.5.22 Reply
  3. DeCatastrophe Pas commented:

    She was happy means that she no longer is? Why? Did she become bored with your car? Then share what model it is. I guess nothing can be more frustrating than an ungrateful gift recipient, even if this is mom. I bought my girlfriend a car too. I bought it here and took some extra financing. But I bought a used car. Don’t want to get into a situation like yours.

    Published 10.5.22 Reply
    • BobDevil commented:

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      Published 11.10.22 Reply

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