June 14, 2010

Ask Sydne: How To Pronounce Designer Names

Some labels are incredibly hard to pronounce. I remember back in high school, one of my best friends asked if I have ever been to the Loo-is Vi-tten store. It was endearing, but then again she was only 16-years-old. Once you’re an adult, mispronouncing any name can make you turn a brighter shade of red then a classic Valentino gown.

The only way I can ever remember how to say Prabal Gurung is because I saw a clip of the designer saying you pronounce his name like Trouble, but with a P. So I’ve compiled a little cheat sheet if you ever want to avoid the embarrassing outcome of mispronouncing a designer’s name.

How To Pronounce Designer Names:

Abaete: Ah-bye-ah-tay

Alejandro Ingelmo: Allay-handro In-gel-mo

Alessandro Dell’Acqua: Ala-SAND-roe del-LA-kwa

Anna Sui: Anna Swee

Andrew Gn: Andrew Jen

Andy Thê-Anh: An-dee Tay-Ann

Ann Demeulemeester: ann DEH-moo-lah-MEE-stera

Anya Hindmarch: Ahn-ya Heind-march

Arthur Mendonça: Ar-thur Men-doe-sa

Badgley Mischka: Badge-lee Meesh-ka

Balenciaga: Bah-len-see-aga

Balmain: Bahl-mahhhhn

Bebe: Bee-bee

Bottega Veneta: BO-teg-a VEN-eta

Bulgari: Ball-gah-ree

Burberry Prorsum: BUR-bur-ree proar-SOME

Carolina Herrera: Caro-leena Hair-era

Cesare Paciotti: Che-sah-ray Pah-cho-tee

Chaiken: Chay-ken

Christian Lacroix: Christian Luh-qua

Christian Louboutin: Loo-boo-tin

Comme des Garçons: Comb day gar-SON

Dior : dee-or

Dior Homme: dee-OAR OM

Dolce & Gabbana: DOLE-chay and gab-BON-a

Dries Van Noten: DREEZE van KNOW-ten

DSquared2: DEE squared

Emilio Pucci : ee-mee-lee-oh  pu-chee

Ermenegildo Zegna: Er-men-a-geel-do Zen-ya

Etienne Aigner : eh-tee-yen on-yay

Gareth Pugh: Gareth Pew

Giambattista Valli: Gee-am-bah-tease-ta Valley

Gianfranco Ferre: Gee-ahn-franco Feh-ray

Giles Deacon: Jy-els Dee-kin

Givenchy: Zshee-VON-she

Giambattista Valli: Gee-ahm-battista Valley

Gucci: GOO-chi

Hedi Slimane: Eddy slim-MAHN

Hermès: AIR-mehz

Hervé Léger: Air-vay Lay-jay

Hussein Chalayan: Hoo-sane Sha-lion

Issey Miyake: Iss-ee Mee-yah-key

James Perse :  pronounced like “purse”

Jean Paul Gaultier: Zhon Paul Go-tee-ay

Joeffer Caoc: Joe-fur Kay-ock

John Varvatos:  John var-VAY-toes

Junya Watanabe: JUNE-ya Wah-TAH-nah-bay

Kris Van Assche: Chris van-ASH

Lambertson Truex : lam-bert-son tru-ex

Lanvin: lon-VAUN

Loewe: Low-ev-ay

Louis Vuitton: loo-E vo-WE-ton

Madame Gres : mah-dam gray

Maison Martin Margiela: MAZE-on Mar-TIN mar-GEL-a

Marchesa: Mar-kay-sa

Mainbocher: Maynbo-shay

Miu Miu: Myoo Myoo

Monique Lhuillier: Monique Loo-lee-ay

Moschino: mo-SKEEN-o

Narciso Rodriguez : nar-si-so rod-ree-gus OR rod-ri-gez

Nicolas Ghesquière: Ni-co-la Guess-ki-air

Olivier Theyskens: Oli-vier Tay-skins

Pierre Cardin: Pee-air Car-dain

Prabal Gurung: Prub-ble Ger-rung

Prada : prah-da

Proenza Schouler: Pro-enza Skool-er

Raf Simons: rauph SEE-mon

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren (as in Lauren the girl’s name, not Sophia Loren)R

Rei Kawakubo: Ray Kah-wah-koo-bo

Rochas: Row-shah

Rodarte: Row-dar-tay

6267: Six-two-six-seven (not Sixty-two-sixty-seven)

Salvatore Ferragamo: Sal-va-TOH-reh Fair-a-GAH-moe

Sonia Rykiel: Sewn-ya Ree-key-el

Sophia Kokosalaki: So-fee-a Ko-ko-sah-lah-kee

Thakoon: Tuh-koon

Thierry Mugler: Tee-air-ree Moog-lay

Tibi : tbi (not Tee-bee)

Tocca : toe-ka

Ungaro : oon-ga-ro

Veronique Branquinho: Ve-ro-NEEK BRANG-kee-no

Versace: ver-SAH-chay

Vionnet: Vee-oh-nay

Yigal Azrouel: Yee-goll Az-roo-el

Yohji Yamamoto: YO-jee ya-MA-moto

Yves Saint Laurent: EVE Sane-LOR-ron

Zac Posen : poe-zen


Info compiled from Valet Mag, Pop Culture Post, Glamour Slaves to Fashion, Splendicity

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  1. school grants commented:

    nice post. thanks.

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  2. bloggerteen commented:

    Hi, I’m a follower of your blog from Turkey. The way you’ve written how Turkish designer “Hussein Chalayan”‘s name is pronounced is a bit off. The first name is okay but his last name’s first part is pronounced just like “cha cha” as in latin dance type. “la” is just like “la la la la” when singers warm up their vocal cords. “Yan” is pronounced like “young” without the g at the end. It’s still different from how we pronounce his name but it’s a well foreign version of his name I guess 🙂

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    • Sydne commented:

      Thanks for filling us in from Turkey! I’ve heard it both ways but I appreciate your input!

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  3. Gem commented:

    This us so helpful!

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  4. Jennifer commented:

    I’ve always wondered about the pronunciations of some of these designers. Awesome post!

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  5. Preston commented:

    This is an absolute must have list! So many names are difficult to pronounce but I’m getting tons better from reading this! Thank you (:

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  6. Ashley commented:

    Great post! And super handy list. What about 3.1 Phillip Lim?

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