November 5, 2010

ttF Faves: Forever 21 80s Styling Contest at South Bay Galleria

The other weekend I took part in South Bay Galleria’s 25th Anniversary. The Redondo Beach mall celebrated their big day with 12 Two Point Oh! LA fashion bloggers styling employees from different retailers. I, of course, requested one of my faves, Forever 21.

We were given two hours to create up to eight looks inspired by the 80s. I had two gorgeous models, Jessica and Victoria, and a whole store to choose from. It was fashion heaven. To make everything extra 80s, I gave myself and the two models a mini makeover with bright blue eyeliner and fuchsia lips. We had to promote the looks on a platform outside the store, asking mall guests to text to vote. I came in second, right behind my friend Sal ofย Fashion Salvation, who styled models at GAP. While I didn’t win, the models felt great and customers inside kept asking to buy the looks. People appreciating my styling is the best prize I can ask for!

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1. Modern Madonna: Inspired by Madge’s “Like a Virgin” days, I mixed leather, pearls and lace but kept in modern with black booties. I added a white flower to Jessica’s hair for a little extra pop.

2. Rihanna Rockstar: One of my favorite Rihanna outfits was when she wore a look fromย Louis Vuitton’s fall 2009 runway. It was edgy, yet still incredibly feminine. So I put Victoria in a similar skirt paired with my personal favorite 80s trend, neon. A studded leather jacket and over-the-knee boots toughened up the bright colors.

3. Girlie Girl: Jessica had a killer body so I wanted to show it off with pencil skirt. Since she was petite, I used a turtleneck to elongate her frame and added hot pink tights for an 80s touch. Black knee-high boots made the bright leg a little less loud. I finished it off with a girlie bow pendant.

4. Creamy Chic: I was obsessed with this top. It had fringe, florals and lace, yet the cream color made it so understated. I kept to neutrals with a matching leather jacket, tan flat boots, skinny jeans and three layers of necklaces. I added some plastic sunnies for a retro feel.

5. 80s Blair: I was definitely thinking about Gossip Girl when creating this outfit. The leopard and glittery tights were very Serena while the headband was 100% Blair. And the black and white dress? Well that was all me! I bought it after the shoot was over.

6. Colorful Karl: This was a feminine take on Karl Lagerfeld’s signature style. The polka dot blouse contrasted with the tough leather pant and platform. A brooch took the tie neck to the next level and a purple coat gave it an overall 80s element.

7. Bright Tight: I had to end with neon. It’s my fave! Since Jessica was so petite, I was able to use a tunic as a mini dress and I belted this colorful sweater to create a peplum shape. Clogs made it very now.

8. Princess Pan: I adored this dress after seeing my friend Mischa in at fashion week. It’s not exactly 80s but my makeup was enough. I wanted to go monochromatic so my models would remain the main focus. With head-to-toe moss, I felt a little bit like Peter Pan… but a very stylish version. I used a braided belt and a cameo pearl bracelet to add a bit of shine. I loved the dress so much that I bought it and it’s now one of my ttF Fashion Staples for November!

Click here for more photos from the event!

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  1. Mickey commented:

    Thanks, Sydne!
    Great blog post. I’m so glad you have photos of each look. I voted for Rihanna too!

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