March 15, 2011

ttF Faves: Two Point Oh! LA Lookbook Behind-the-Scenes

You’ve already seen the completed Two Point Oh! LA Spring Lookbook (if not, click here). So now, here’s a peek at what went on behind-the-scenes during the South by Southwest shoot…

Amber Ayala headed up hair and makeup using POP Beauty andΒ Nick Chavez of Beverly Hills products. For South by Southwest she was inspired by a gorgeous editorial of Olivia Wilde in In Style called “Wilde West.” I loved the golden cateye creation so much I asked Amber to recreate it for my hippie birthday party. I can’t wait!

Cirrus, one of the stylists on my team, had the wonderful idea of getting her guitar to use as a prop. So I got a quick music lesson to make the shot seem as realistic as possible.

Oh, so that’s how you hold a guitar!

All the looks were shot by Kelsi Smith. check out those pink streaks she’s rocking. She had feathers in her hair, too!

This was my fave outfit. I incorporated my faux fur vest from December’s ttF Fashion Staples. And the turquoise jewelry my team pulled from California Market Center showrooms was out of this world.

Cirrus making sure all the jewelry was shown off to it’s best potential…

I used one of February’s ttf Fashion Staples in my final look. And Jaqueline joined as a model for our festival chic finish. Her red hair was insane with the warm colors.

And that’s a wrap! The South by Southwest team takes a final photo (from left): Stephanie Green, Sydne Summer, Jaqueline Chambers, Cirrus Alpert

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