April 19, 2011

Ask Sydne: How To Tuck In Tops

Ask Sydne: How To Tuck In ShirtsI love to tuck in my shirt…  into jeans, skirts, pants, you name it. How do you avoid the unsightly fabric and button bumps from the tucked-in shirt?? I need to know your secret!  —Emilee

Good question! And I have few tricks up my tucked-in shirt sleeve:

1. Choose a bottom with a thicker fabric.
In March, I featured a bandage skirt in the ttF Fashion Staples Series. The material is thick enough that it hides that unsightly fabric. Same thing in February when I featured wide-leg pants. The heavier material meant you couldn’t see any of the shirt. (It of course helps too when your top is a thin, tighter fabric.)

2. Watch the length of your tops.
Either go with a short top that falls just below the waist line of your bottom (sometimes I actually cut my camis since I stock up on them for $2.50 from Forever 21). Or, go with an extra-long one that ends just above the hem, like I did here.

3. Tuck your top into your shapewear.
I know it sounds strange but this trick really works! In this post, I wore a thinner jersey skirt. When I tucked my cardigan in you could see the buttons. So I slipped on a pair of Spanx and tucked the cardigan into the shapewear. It smoothed out the buttons, along with my bottom!

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  1. Emilee commented:

    These are wonderful tips & tricks!
    They will definitely come in handy when it starts to get warmer : )

    Thank you so much!

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    • Sydne commented:

      Your welcome Emilee!

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