April 27, 2011

ttF Blogger Staple: Fashion Salvation’s Tuxedo Jacket

This week’s blogger staple is something that’s never been done before on ThinkThruFashion: men’s fashion! Stylist, creative director and fashion blogger—and my personal friend!—Salvador Camarena  shows fresh ideas on styling a tux jacket. Even if you’re a female, you can still get inspired by his fresh ideas. I know I am!

The Staple: Black Tuxedo Jacket

Who Makes It: H&M

Why I Chose It: I love this black tuxedo jacket from H&M because it instantly transcends any outfit from drab to dapper! A tuxedo jacket is every man’s best friend! The cut of this tux jacket is slim and modern while being effortlessly chic.

Where I’d Wear It:
1. Colorblocked:
To work, being a stylist inside a television studio all day can get hectic but there are three things I’ve learned while dressing for this occasion.

One, be comfortable! Here I paired my tux jacket with these bright blue skinny jeans, seafoam green henley and black boat shoes all from H&M.

Two, be chic! Always remember you are the stylist so people look up to you for what’s on trend. With this look I have gone ahead and participated in spring’s most playful trend… colorblocking! Yes, colorblocking isn’t just for women, men can do it too! I also added some classic yet masculine details such as my vintage pocket-square that compliments the colors I’m already wearing but also introduces a third color into our outfit.

Last but not least, stay warm! Believe it or not, a lot of studios can be really cold while you’re working on set. This tux jacket is perfect for keeping you warm and looking sophisticated while doing a days work.

2. Floral Formal
To a red-carpet, while attending a red-carpet or any special occasion I step out with my tuxedo jacket paired with it’s oldest friend the tuxedo pant also from H&M. I’ve also taken a classic fashion note from designer Tom Ford and paired my tux jacket with an open collar light-grey button down shirt from H&M. Here I’ve added a sense of whimsy to my tuxedo jacket by incorporating an oversized H&M black flower pin to my lapel and my black textured leather D&G shoes definitely elevate this entire look!

3. Casual Cool
Out to drinks with the guys, usually when I go out to drinks with the guys I like to look put together yet relaxed. Here I paired my tux jacket with some washed-out H&M grey skinny jeans, blue checked shirt from H&M, purple hoodie from hoodiebuddies and my black Toms shoes. It’s easy, relaxed and playful!

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  1. Edward Ewing commented:

    You look fabulous in all three looks! Personally I choose number three as my favorite. It was a tough choice,I just happen to be a Hoodie Man myself.

    Published 5.1.11 Reply
  2. Elisabeth commented:

    Pins from the mass market look more usual, boring or something. In specialty stores, there is a much more interesting selection of lapel pins, and such as this they can even make a pin exclusively for you, with your personal idea

    Published 8.8.20 Reply

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