April 16, 2011

ttF Day to Night: The Black Jumpsuit

It may be brutally hot in the desert during the day, but once the sun sets it gets pretty cold. Instead of throwing a cardigan over myย  Express jumpsuit, I used my layering trick from a recent Quick Switch and did my own little minute change for the Rolling Stone Escape From Indio party. A skin-tight long-sleeve lace top worn under a strapless creates an illusion neckline, allowing you to stay warm while still showing skin. I swapped out the ribbon that came with the jumpsuit with a chunky belt, added a cross-body bag, and piled on brassy gold jewelry. Instead of wedges, I did a gladiator heel and thanks to the Garnier booth at the event, my soft waves got a little va-va-voom kick.

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  1. Tina commented:

    What a smart idea. And I really like that jumpsuit. I think I’m going to mall this weekend and might have to buy it.

    Published 4.18.11 Reply
  2. Denise commented:

    hmmm i didnt think to layer a shirt on underneath good idea!

    Published 4.19.11 Reply
  3. Katie commented:

    I’ve been looking for a cute black jumpsuit – I might have to buy this one!!! Great idea layering the long sleeve lace shirt underneath for more of a night time look. Thanks!!

    Published 4.19.11 Reply
  4. G commented:

    I love the look of jumpsuits, but can’t help wondering – what do you do when you have to go to the bathroom? The thought of taking the whole thing off in a public restroom is cringeworthy. Is there any other solution?

    Published 4.19.11 Reply
  5. Amber commented:

    Great idea!

    Published 4.19.11 Reply

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