September 30, 2011

ttF Fashion Diary: 2B Style

ttF Fashion Staple: Embellished Navy Blouse
It’s hard to pass down an afternoon of food and fashion. So when 2B invited me to a lunch and styling session with my fellow Two Point Oh! LA bloggers I obviously accepted. 2B is the flirty, feminine sister of Bebe. And it’s über affordable. After a delish meal at The Farm (where this happened) it was off to the 2B store on Beverly. Nude mannequins lined the windows waiting for a blogger styling intervention.

We each created looks reflecting our personal style. Click here to vote for my look if you like it! You can win a $250 2B gift card.

I’ve been very drawn to fall’s spicy tones, so I went with an orange, cognac and tan faux leather and fur mix. And, of course, you have to add a little shine, so I stacked gold bangles (similar to the look I sported that day!) and added an earthy statement necklace. Kind of loving how the mannequin poses the same way I do! Head over to LookbookLA for more photos from the event.

Cynthia Steffie top, Leifsdottir skirt via T.J.Maxx, lia sophia bracelets, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Steve Madden shoes

Get the look…

Learn more about the ttF Fashion Staples Series.

Photo credit: Felix Salzman

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