December 10, 2011

ttF Fashion Diary: Anything But Clothes Party

ttF Fashion Staple: Glitter Bag
My friend Page hosts an annual Anything But Clothes Christmas party. The preparation feels very Project Runway. I took inspiration from last year’s tinsel skirt and create a similar fringe mini with gold and silver. My corset was made with tinsel glued on to a tablecloth at the bust. Then I create a cutout middle with snowflake ornaments. I laced it up in the back with gold ribbon. My friend Jamie liked the idea so much so I created a similar outfit for her as well, using the tinsel for a one shoulder neckline. Since there was so much volume with the tinsel I made a beaded belt with garland to cinch our waists. My favorite part of our DIY-ed outfits? The movement when you dance!

J. Crew bag, lia sophia jewelry, Charlotte Russe shoes, DIY outfit created with material found at the 99 Cents store

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  1. You did a fabulous job and looks SO shiny! <3

    Published 12.11.11 Reply
  2. The Honeyroom commented:

    Love the dress you and your friend look fabulous!

    Published 12.11.11 Reply
  3. Justwright1 commented:

    So creative…and festive!

    Published 12.11.11 Reply
  4. Deniz commented:

    LOVE this outfit, and the Charlotte Russe find. 😉 I would have never guessed!

    Published 12.11.11 Reply
  5. The Curvy Girl commented:

    Love your dress!!! So creative…and wearable!

    Published 12.13.11 Reply
  6. Abercrombie commented:

    So beautiful ! So fashion!

    Published 12.14.11 Reply
  7. Jules commented:

    You did an amazing job. What a fun party idea!

    Published 12.16.11 Reply
  8. Clara commented:

    This is absolutely lovely! I’m working on a cellophane dress for an anything-but-clothes New Year’s party, and this (and your post from last year) has definitely given me inspiration. I was at a loss to add some structure and durability to the bodice (which I’ve already done a lot of painstaking pleating on with double-sided tape), especially since I thought I’d essentially have to be taped into it. How clever to make it lace up! Now I’m thinking I’ll attach my gathered shell onto some thin cardboard or sturdy card stock and simply insert some grommets in the back – easy peasy! Thank you so much for the idea!

    I’d love to add some tinsel fringe to my project – did you buy it in strips or sort of “wefts” or are you just a closeted super hero?

    Published 12.25.11 Reply
  9. Sydne commented:

    So glad it helped! I had so much fun making it. I bought the tinsel in strips, about 10 packs to make the skirt. Good luck with yours and have a blast at your party!

    Published 12.25.11 Reply
  10. Jessica commented:

    Hey, I was wondering if there was anyway that you could explain this to me in more depth. I really think that you did an awesome job and I would love to try it but I am not artistic… Help?

    Published 1.21.12 Reply
  11. jojo commented:

    Hi! I absolutely love the idea of a diy “abc” party for my sweet 16 but all of the other examples Ive seen are of people skimpily dressed in plastic wrap or caution tape. Do you think if I specify that people should dress decently i could pull off a classier abc style party like this one?

    Published 2.10.12 Reply
  12. Sydne commented:

    It depends on your friends. While my friends and I certainly went the classy route, unfortunately I can’t say the same about everyone at the party I attended.

    Published 2.11.12 Reply
  13. erica commented:

    I would love to know how you did this! Could you send me instructions? THat would be fantastic! Its just so cute!

    Published 4.19.13 Reply
  14. Kari commented:

    Can you please tell me how you did this?

    Published 5.22.13 Reply
  15. Chelsey Enlow commented:

    Very interested in making this as well! Would really appreciate step by step instructions or a tutorial! Was thinking about making something similar with the tinsel skirt for a ugly sweater party next weekend, I kno it’s not a sweater but it’s still something fun and different

    Published 12.8.13 Reply

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