June 6, 2012

Insta-Nails: DIY Nail Art

I always get questions about my nails on Instagram. If you’re not following me, get on it! I’m @sydnesummer. What I love about nail art is it’s an inexpensive way to try out trends. These are are some of my recent faves. Keep reading to learn how to recreate the DIY manicures…

Pink n Orange: Paint one stripe of pink and one stripe of orange on each nail. Repeat for a second layer. Then, immediately add a stripe of glitter down the middle to blend the two together
Essie “Exposure,” Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Sun Kissed,” Nicole by OPI “Bling Bling Look at My Ring”

Silver Lining: Paint nails peach and let dry. Add silver stripes to ring fingers.
Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect “Sorbet,” Milan Nail Art “Art of Silver”

Nautical Pastels: Paint nails pink and let dry. Add mint stripes and let dry. Use a white thin brush to outline the stripes and create an anchor on the ring finger.
Nicole by OPI “I Pink He’s the One,” Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect “Sea,” Milani Nail Art “White Canvas”

American French Mani: Paint nails nude and let dry. Add a blue stripe to every other nail tip. Fill in the remaining nail tips with red and let dry. Add a white stripe below the color.
Paige Nail Lacquer, OPI “OPI Red,” Milani Nail Art “White Canvas”

Florals: Peel, apply and file down!
Sally Hansen Salon Effects  “Spring Fever”

Seeing Stars: Paint nails nude and let dry. Add silver stars.
HIPP x RGB “F1,” Milan Nail Art “Art of Silver”

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  1. Jenn Staz commented:

    Those Sally Hansen silver florals are so great! I also love your silver lining – such a great subtle touch of flair.

    Published 6.6.12 Reply
  2. Sydne commented:

    Thanks Jenn!

    Published 6.6.12 Reply
  3. Nicole commented:

    oooh, I really love that last look

    Published 6.6.12 Reply

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