August 1, 2012

Travel: A Week in Hawaii

Hawaii Travel Diary
First stop: Mama's Fish House in Maui
Welcome plate on the balcony at Makena Beach & Golf Resort
Beach read: 50 Shades Trilogy
Neon in Maui
Strawberry desert at Nick's Fishmarket
Lived in this Victoria's Secret cover-up
Sunsets after the rain
Old Lahaina Luau
Playing in the rain
Daily breakfast at Makena
Michelle Jonas Travelwear caftan for sunset
Duke statue in Waikiki
View from the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani
Victoria's Secret maxi pool side at the Sheraton
Shaved ice in Waikiki
Wedding at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Back to LA
Hawaii Travel Diary thumbnail
First stop: Mama's Fish House in Maui thumbnail
Welcome plate on the balcony at Makena Beach & Golf Resort thumbnail
Beach read: 50 Shades Trilogy thumbnail
Neon in Maui thumbnail
Strawberry desert at Nick's Fishmarket thumbnail
Lived in this Victoria's Secret cover-up thumbnail
Sunsets after the rain thumbnail
Old Lahaina Luau thumbnail
Playing in the rain thumbnail
Daily breakfast at Makena thumbnail
Michelle Jonas Travelwear caftan for sunset thumbnail
Duke statue in Waikiki thumbnail
View from the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani thumbnail
Victoria's Secret maxi pool side at the Sheraton thumbnail
Shaved ice in Waikiki thumbnail
Wedding at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel thumbnail
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I’m still having Hawaii withdrawals. Before heading to Honolulu for a wedding, I went to Maui for five days with my boyfriend. It could not have been a more perfect vacation. Since many of you on Twitter had asked for recommendations on where to go, I figured I’d put together a little travel diary. For more pics, follow me on Instagram at @sydnesummer! And keep reading for hotel & restaurant links…

Makena Beach & Golf Resort: Makena is right below Wailea in Maui. The resort is a quick shuttle ride away from the large resorts and shops at Wailea, and is very affordable  I loved how private the place felt. Even though there were three weddings the first night we stayed, it was still an incredibly relaxed environment. The private beach was also a major plus. If you stay, I recommend doing the breakfast package, which treated us to a delicious buffet every morning after our jog or paddle boarding session. Another bonus? Everyone from the valet to waiters and concierge is so incredibly nice!

Sheraton Princess Kailulani: We stayed at the Sheraton because it’s a Starwood Hotel. The location in Waikiki is ideal, walking distance from all the restaurants and shops. Having come from romantic Maui, it was certainly a change considering the hotel is huge. But for the price, I was happy with our choice. I would highly recommend spending the extra money for an ocean or pool view.

Mama’s Fish House: A few friends told me you must eat at this restaurant first thing after leaving the airport. And I’m thrilled I did! It’s a dreamy welcome to Maui with the freshest ceviche and sashimi I’ve tasted in a while. Plus, you can’t beat the view!

Nick’s Fishmarket: Located in the Fairmont Kealani Maui, Nick’s is a delicious seafood restaurant, great for groups or a more romantic dinner. We both had the Chef’s selection sashimi and day boat catch, which was mouth-watering. While I’m not usually a big desert person I was told the Strawberries Panzini is a must. And it was. A waiter expertly flambéed fresh strawberries at our table, which were later dipped into chocolate, brown sugar and cream.

Old Lahaina Luau: Having never been to a luau, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But we were told Old Lahaina is one of the most traditional. People reserve seats months in advance. We got lucky with a last minute cancelation. You’re welcomed with a Mai Tai and the drinks flow for the rest of the evening alongside the water. There is an abundance of traditional Hawaiian fare and a fantastic show! By the end of the evening I was convinced I wanted to move to Maui and become a hula dancer. It certainly is the perfect picture spot to document your vacation.

For more pics from Hawaii, check out the t-shirt dress Staples Series I did on the islands!

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  1. Adriana commented:

    Great photos! And I like how honest your reviews are. I’m going to Hawaii next summer. Never heard of Makena before. I will look into it!

    Published 8.1.12 Reply
  2. Kelly Golightly commented:

    Love it! Have been dying to go to Maui. Great to have some insider recommendations.

    Published 8.1.12 Reply
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  5. Elisa commented:

    The simplest thing is to find amazing discoveries, and those places that impressed you the most, plan a trip there. I do this often and it makes Hawaii a great place to stay.

    Published 11.6.22 Reply

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