March 20, 2013

New Web Series & Birthday Giveaway!

Today I’m celebrating two things: 1) my birthday and 2) the first day of Spring. To kick off the new season of fashion I’m launching a web series on YouTube. And since they always say the best gift is to give, that’s what I’m doing on my birthday—with a Stella & Dot giveaway, valued at over $570!

– The Web Series –

My YouTube series stemmed from my bi-annual A-Z Trend Guide, where I break down the hottest trends from New York Fashion Week. This season, I’m bringing the guide to life with outfits that you can easily create at home. Every Tuesday and Thursday I’ll be showcasing a new trend on YouTube. Learn more about the series by watching the video above.

Sydne Style - A to Z Trend Guide Stella Dot Giveaway jewelry contests– The Giveaway –

***This giveaway has ended. Congrats to Pretty Gossip for winning the grand prize of 3 statement necklaces to Naomi, Stephanie T, Naush and Karen for wining a pair of earrings!***  Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 12.13.00 PMScreen shot 2013-04-03 at 12.16.49 PMScreen shot 2013-04-05 at 9.56.45 AMScreen shot 2013-04-03 at 12.18.33 PMScreen shot 2013-04-04 at 7.19.04 PM

Now onto the giveaway… a statement piece of jewelry is the easiest way to update your look for spring. Add a flower necklace to a LBD or use bright earrings to liven up jeans and a basic tee. I’m giving 4 winners a pair of Stella & Dot earrings: the Lily Chandelier ($39). Then one lucky winner will receive the grand prize: my three fave Stella & Dot necklaces: Spring Awakening ($138), Jolie ($79) and Dot Bloom ($198). That means there are 5 chances to win! Here’s how to enter:

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel:
  2. Leave a comment below telling me what color you’re excited to wear for spring!

If you feel like sharing the love on my birthday I would be oh so happy if spread the news about the new series on your social media channels. I’m @sydnesummer. Throughout the A-Z Trend Guide series, we’ll be using the hashtag #sstrendguide

Good luck and stay tuned for more fun A-Z announcements soon. New episodes every Tuesday & Thursday!

*Winners will be announced April 3 at 12pm PST. Contest is only open to US residents. You must be 18 or older to win and subscribe to

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  1. Tucker commented:

    I’m excited to wear mint this spring!

    Published 3.29.13 Reply
  2. Leslie Jeannine commented:

    I am loving bright colbalt this season!

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  3. Rashmi commented:

    hot pink …

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  4. Amy Robertson commented:

    I love neon pink, cobalt blue and coral but the neon pink is the best!

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  5. I can’t wait to wear yellow and mint this spring!I don’t use them so much in winter time.

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  6. Daniella commented:

    I an excited to wear mint

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  7. Chanda commented:

    Excited about the coral color for spring.

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  8. Kelli B commented:

    I currently love mint…so to change it up I’m really excited to wear coral!

    Published 3.30.13 Reply
  9. theboreofcomfort commented:

    i love bright reds, juicy corals and anything that reminds me of watermelon!

    Published 3.31.13 Reply
  10. Sandy a la Mode commented:

    i subscribe with sandyalamode! i can’t wait to wear mint and lilac this spring!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    Published 3.31.13 Reply
  11. Melissa commented:

    I’m excited to wear pastel lace this Spring!

    Published 3.31.13 Reply
  12. ashley commented:


    Published 4.1.13 Reply
  13. Christy Ann commented:

    I’m excited to wear lavender, light yellow, and mint green!

    Published 4.1.13 Reply
  14. Cristi Comes commented:

    Subscribed and I’m excited to wear more color. teal is one of my favorites and purple.

    Published 4.1.13 Reply
  15. Lori commented:

    I’m excited about emerald green!

    Published 4.1.13 Reply
  16. Kelly Commerford commented:

    I am the most excited to wear green, which works out well since it is the color of the year for 2013! Love shades of mint, emerald, jade…I own next to no jewelry & have always struggled with how to wear trendy pieces. Looking over your posts has inspired me. Consider me a new fan!

    Youtube Subscriber (kcthelush850)

    Thank you!

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  17. Katelyn H commented:

    I’m so excited to start wearing tons of brights! Lots of chic whites with pops of neons and of course pink!


    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  18. Excited for white. Best friend of a (soon to be tan – come on sun!) blonde 😉

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  19. Molly Dixon commented:

    I can’t wait to wear polka dots & mint & coral! Is it sandal season yet?

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  20. Kori commented:

    Suscribed under

    Most excited to wear mints and corals this Spring!

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  21. An Dyer commented:

    Subscribed already 🙂 Cobalt has my heart this season but I can’t help but think about coral and emerald, too! xx

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  22. Layal commented:

    Canary yellow and salmon pink YAY 😀

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  23. jenna h commented:

    Im excited for the colors; soft pastels, bold neon, and even black&white! I love seeing them in my accessories, especially in my wedges, purses, scarves, ect.

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  24. Sheryl Edwards commented:

    I am most excited to wear pinks & greens!

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  25. Sherry Hall commented:

    Your coral inspiring blog from last week had me wanting to wear coral for the first time! Thank you!

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  26. TCassell commented:

    I am excited to wear coral, mint green and lavender!!!!! xoxox

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  27. Melissa Mazur commented:

    I am so excited for coral!

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  28. Nicole Vosburgh commented:

    I’m excited to wear yellow!

    Youtube subscriber: soccernsa

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  29. Kelly commented:

    My wardrobe consists of mostly black or navy. I love accessorizing with pops of color especially with the Stella and Dot Zahara necklace (coral, navy, gold,…) or trendy scarves.

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  30. Laura Daven commented:

    Pink & red is my favorite 🙂 The winner will be announced on my birthday !! Hope I win <3

    Published 4.2.13 Reply
  31. Allison commented:

    Obsessed with the Spring Awakening necklace!! These are the perfect pieces for summer 🙂 Hope I win!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  32. Kristin commented:

    I’m loving mint/pistachio with cobalt/navy!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  33. Kristin commented:

    And NEON! How could I forget about neon?! Kelly Kapowski would never forget her neon…

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  34. Mel Dudley commented:

    Mint, of course!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  35. Nicole commented:

    Pinks, oranges and blues!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  36. Carey commented:

    Coral & mint!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  37. Mara commented:

    I’m really excited to wear greens and blues! I always wear black so it will be a nice change!!!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  38. Valerie C. commented:

    I’m excited to wear coral 🙂

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  39. Courtney commented:

    I’m super excited for pastels right now; I’ve been wearing a lot of brights lately wishing that spring would come quick, so it’s time to tone it down!

    Love the giveaway!!

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  40. karen morse commented:

    I’m super psyched to wear white (yes, I said white) because it’s so fresh and clean. Adding in a pop of pink will be fun too! 😉

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  41. Rhonda P commented:

    I’m excited about greens for Spring! 🙂

    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  42. Julie commented:


    Published 4.3.13 Reply
  43. April Golightly commented:

    Grayed Jade! Love the new take on mint.

    Published 4.21.13 Reply
    • DavidTurner commented:

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      Published 11.10.22 Reply
  44. Katty commented:

    Mint Green!

    Published 5.12.13 Reply

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