August 8, 2016

Three Diet Hacks to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Sydne Style shows how to wear the gingham trend for summer fashionI’ve been getting a lot of questions about my diet. At home, it’s easier to stay balanced. But it’s so difficult to keep healthy when traveling. Since I’m always on the go, I’ve developed some healthy hacks to keep me nourished when I’m in different cities. Here are my top three go-to diet secrets for travel:

Sydne Style rounds up the best protein bars from larabar cherry pie1. Always have snacks on hand.

Whenever I’m traveling, I make sure to pack protein bars and almonds. While some airports are amazing (love Real Food Daily at LAX!) others have very limited healthy options. And I too often succumb to the cheese plate when I’m on the airplane. So I try to have a few filling, healthier alternatives in my carry-on. I also keep them in my purse if I need a quick pick-me-up between meetings.

Before flights, I stop at Trader Joe’s to get travel-size raw, unsalted almonds. I also order protein bars by the bulk. My three favorites are ThinkThin “Brownie Crunch,” Luna Bar “Lemon Zest” and Larabar “Cherry Pie.”

Sydne Style drinks berocca energy vitamins from australia for blogger diet secrets2. Drinks daily vitamins.

I’m horrible about taking vitamins so my doctor recommended at the very least, to have a daily probiotic. The problem with probiotics is they shouldn’t be in heat. I packed my vitamins one time and had the worst stomachache after taking the tablet.

So when I’m traveling, I leave my probiotics in the fridge and instead use an effervescent supplement. There are a ton to choose from but ever since trying Berocca when I was in Australia I’m hooked! I brought back so many from Sydney but you can also find them online. You snap the vitamin in half, shake it in your water bottle and it instantly dissolves. It has caffeine in it too, which is great for a morning pick-me-up.

Sydne Style shares blogger diet secrets on how to get skinny with lemons3. Add lemon to everything.

This is a trick I use at home, but it’s especially good for eating out. I love salad dressing, sauce, basically all the flavors that make a healthy meal fattening. So to trick my palette, I add lemon. When I order a salad, I’ll ask for light dressing and a side of lemons. The additional citrus makes it seem like there is more dressing, but you’re cutting your calories in half. I’ll also add lemon to veggies, fish, chicken, and, well, you get the point.

If it’s freezing in a restaurant, I’ll also order hot water with lemon. It helps your digestive system and is a healthier alternative to a third or fourth latte.

What are your diet secrets when traveling? I’d love to hear any tips you have! And let me know if you want to see more blog posts like these in future Ask Sydne columns!

Sydne Style shows affordable ruffle tops from shein gingham trend with forever 21 black skinny jeansSydne Style shares diet hacks for traveling with raw almonds from trader joesSydne Style gives diet tips with luna bar lemon zest protein barsSydne Style shares blogger diet with secrets with travel vitamin waterSydne Style gives black and white outfit ideas in forever 21 skinny jeans shein gingham topSydne Style wears Charming Charlie white satchel bagSydne Style wears Charming Charlie white satchel bagSydne Style shares blogger diet secrets on how to keep fit when traveling with almondsSydne Style shows how to wear the gingham trend with off the shoulder ruffle topPhoto by Jodee Debes

Top: SheIn (on sale!)
Jeans: Forever 21
Bag: Charming Charlie (similar)
Shoes: Soludos
Watch: Swatch
iPhone case: Sonix
Bars: ThinkThin, Luna Bar, Larabar
Vitamins: Berocca
Nails: Essie “Tart Deco”

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  1. Jenn Lake commented:

    So many good tips! Loving that gingham top on you, too! Happy Monday!

    Published 8.8.16 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks so much Jenn! Hope you have a great Monday too!

      Published 8.8.16 Reply
  2. Susan Stern commented:

    I adore that bag and the tips are awesome too! link to the bag doesn’t work anymore though…have any similar suggestions?

    Published 10.9.16 Reply
    • Sydne Summer commented:

      Thanks! Bummer it’s sold out. I haven’t tried this brand before but I think it’s pretty similar and same price if you want to try it!

      Published 10.9.16 Reply
  3. Kelly commented:

    We always spoil ourselves with a vegan burger –! A light vegan version of the burger will surprise you with a variety of flavors. Meat eaters aren’t the only ones lucky enough to have a burger! Rediscover the famous vegan burger vertical dish: crunchy vegetables, veggie steaks and whole-grain bread…

    Published 2.2.21 Reply
  4. Andrea Natale commented:

    A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for the development of various aspects of human life, achieving active longevity and full performance of social functions, for active participation in labor, social, family, household, and leisure forms of life.

    Published 2.23.21 Reply
  5. Elisa commented:

    Drink plenty of water and watch what you eat. I think this is the most important advice I ever received. Also, keep an eye on the quality of the water. We are used to the fact that we have water filters at home from the company and often forget that when traveling, the quality of water may be different

    Published 9.14.21 Reply
  6. Ada commented:

    It makes sense, you always want your trip to be simple and positive. I often take gut health supplements and other medications with me when I travel, just in case. It is important that you are ready for anything.

    Published 3.24.22 Reply
  7. Elisa commented:

    In fact, it is enough just to lead an active or sporty lifestyle. This will help you solve all your travel problems. I go to the gym, take the best bcaas for muscle growth, and even when I take a break for a few weeks, my body is in great shape

    Published 9.5.22 Reply
    • Carla Braun commented:

      I liked this idea of muscle growth. My husband is way too thin. He looks like underfed, although he eats well. Doctors examined him and said nothing bad is with his health.

      Published 10.19.22 Reply
      • Bruno Singer commented:

        Hey Carla, if I were you, I would send him to a new check up and get a second doctor’s opinion. Very often people lose weight when they are sick! If all is great for him and he is healthy, I mean your husband, and the reason is just his asthenia body type, he can talk to the doctor about how to buy injectable steroids online to get more musculature. And only if he wishes so!

        Published 10.19.22 Reply

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