August 28, 2018

Unique Back to School Supplies in Marble & Gold

At the beginning of each school year, I always got excited about shopping for school accessories and unique back to school supplies. Since I grew up wearing school uniforms, accessories were the easiest way to express my individuality. I’d get fun new notebooks, pen sets and backpacks. Obviously my school days are long behind me. But I still get that fuzzy, nostalgic feeling when I think about shopping for new accessories.

Sydne Style shares marble and gold back to school supplies

1. Recover laptop skin 2. Calpak backpack 3. water bottle 4. Kate Spade pouch 5. Kate Spade pen set 6. Threshold scissors 7. Forever 21 binder clip set 8. Forever 21 notebook 9. Threshold tape dispenser 10. Threshold stapler

As I’m sure you can tell by my home, I’m obsessed with marble. I just ordered a new marble laptop case and am loving all these marble desk accessories. I’m also feeling metallic accents. Writing a to-do list is that much more enjoyable with gold pens!

Computer giveaway!

I teamed up with my girl Sheryl to give away a Dell XPS 13. You can use the computer whether you’re headed back to school or are in the mood for a movie night at home.


Head over to my Instagram page to enter the giveaway!

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  3. Alex Newsted commented:

    When I was at school I was also unhappy that we had to wear school uniforms. This not only robbed me of my individuality, the school uniform was not comfortable. But after the teacher explained to me that such a school rule is due to the fact that children whose parents have different financial capabilities study at school and not all parents can buy expensive clothes for children. Therefore, the school administration introduced rules under which all children could look equally good. Later, when I studied various essays on social issues using the popular resource , I realized that the opinion of the school administration was correct. Children cannot always understand the problems that adults face, so they do not accept all the decisions of adults. But as you described in the article, you can really emphasize your individuality with the help of accessories. At the same time, with such small solutions to social problems, we can improve our society.

    Published 12.14.22 Reply

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