May 5, 2019

These Headbands Won’t Hurt Your Head!

Sydne Style shows the best headbands for spring hairstyle ideas

I went through a stage as a little girl where I would not leave the house without a headband. Back then, my headbands usually had ginormous bows on one side. I’d match them to my outfits and they’d make me feel like a princess.

As an adult, I had a brief phase where I tried out headbands again. It was mostly influenced by Blair Waldorf’s style in Gossip Girl (who else misses that show?!). But when I stepped out of the house, I generally only wore the headband for an hour or so. The hair accessory always gave me a headache!

This season, the headband trend is back, and bigger than ever. I was determined to find a headband that wouldn’t hurt my head. My solution? A fabric headband.

Headbands that are covered in a lightweight fabric are much more comfortable than their plastic counterparts. I’ve worn this pink headband for hours on end and I don’t feel that pulsating sensation on my temples like I used to feel. I generally wear my headband with my hair down but it’s also great to make a ponytail look more fashionable on a bad hair day.

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headband baby

When it came to headbands as a little girl my motto was the bigger the bow the better!

My school had uniforms so I’d use headbands to express my style. Generally I went matchy-matchy by coordinating my jumpers with the same color headbands. Over the weekends, I’d do the same thing with my outfits, which generally consisted of girlie dresses.

Sydne Style shows the best headbands for summer hairstyle ideas



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