May 8, 2020

Celebrating Moms for Mother’s Day

Sydne Style shows colorful sweaters with white jeans in flower fields

My mom is my best friend in the entire world. When I was a teenager I took her for granted (I can’t even begin to tell you the screaming matches we had when we lived in Miami!). But every year, I appreciate her more and more. I read a quote earlier this week that made me think of her:

“Think of what you have rather than of what you lack.
Of the things you have, select the best and then reflect how eagerly
you would have sought them if you did not have them.” – Marcus aurelius

I immediately thought of two things: my health (which I’m more grateful for than ever these days) and my mom. I can’t imagine my life without her. We talk every day, usually multiple times a day. She’s been my guiding light in everything throughout my life. Here are 10 Lessons I Learned from My Mom.

Sydne Style shows cute mothers day photos in matching outfits in flower fields

This is the first Mother’s Day in forever that I’m not with her. Since my step-dad is high risk, we decided that once I got back to LA, I shouldn’t drive back and forth to San Diego to visit. I was sad but I was touched when she said that it was ok because all of April we had Mother’s Month.

I’m so thankful for that month of quality of time I got to spend with my mom, my best friend. I’m also thrilled she taught me to be a planner. I scheduled this Mother’s Day photo shoot in early March before the lockdown. We visited the Flower Fields and wore white jeans with matching sweaters we picked up the day before. It was such a wonderful day and my photographer, Mun, even brought her daughter along! They were so adorable together and I hope they grow up to be the absolute best of friends, just like my mom and I are.

I also want to send virtual hugs to anyone who has lost their mother. I lost my father as a kid so I know first hand that Father’s Day and Mother’s Day can be hard for many of us. So if your mom is smiling down at you from above, I hope you feel her in your heart this weekend.

Sydne Style shows colorful spring sweaters with white jeans in flower fields
Sydne Style shows the best place to take mothers day photos in flower fields in san diego
Sydne Style shows casual outfit ideas in flowers fields


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  1. Melody commented:

    So Sweet Sydne! Happy Mothers Day to your momma:)

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