DIY: Pearl iPhone Case


The other week I fell in love with my friend Jenny’s Natasha Couture iPhone case she bought at Nordstrom. I was planning to order it online but one afternoon I got hit by the crafty bug and decided to do a little DIY. Here’s how I created my own:
1. Paint an old iPhone case with white fabric paint (I tried using white out at first. It just peeled off in a week).
2. Cut the backs off pearl clip-on earrings. Mine are from Forever 21 (similar).
3. Decide where you want to place the earrings and secure it with E-6000.
4. Cut a faux pearl necklace and start applying the beads with E-6000. I ended up removing them from the sides because it made the case too big.
5. Add some rhinestones from broken jewelry as filler in the pearls.

And there you have it! Your very own customized pearl case. It’s a little heavy but I keep getting a ton of compliments. And when I need something lighter, I’ll be rocking my rose gold chrome Incase from Shopbop.

What is your iPhone case du jour? Tweet me a pic to @sydnesummer so I can see and share!