The Scene: MAKE UP FOR EVER Style Icons


Sydne-Style-Makeup-Forever-style-icons-style-coalition-christy-turlington-inspired-makeup-face-chart Growing up in the ‘90s, I idolized the Supers. Christy, Cindy, Linda, Tyra, Claudia and Naomi were my source of inspiration from their fashion to their mesmerizing beauty. So when MAKE UP FOR EVER asked me to join them for an Icon shoot, picking my theme was a no brainer.

Sydne Style makeup forever style coalition shoot new york city style icon 90s supermodel christy turlington.jpg To kick off my ‘90s supermodel transformation, I jetted off to NYC. MAKE UP FOR EVER head artist Lijha Stewart came up with a fab face chart based on Christy Turlington’s strong brows, seductive eyes and killer cheekbones.

We filmed at the Style Coalition loft in Meatpacking and I learned so many beauty tricks. The most shocking was I’ve been doing my contouring wrong! You’re actually supposed to use a sculpting powder to hollow out the cheekbones, and then bronzer above to create warmth.

Sydne-Style-Makeup-Forever-style-icons-style-coalition-christy-turlington-inspired-makeup-lace-crop-top-skinny-jeans-movie-set Lijha also showed me more makeup tips creating a sexy smoky eye with Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic. It’s a super easy-to-use glide on pencil that lasts all night. I’m also now a major fan of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Mist & Fix. It’s a spray that provides oxygenation to the skin, setting the makeup and giving you a natural glow without crazy shine.


We’ll go over all the steps and products in a video next month. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot!

Sydne-Style-Makeup-Forever-style-icons-style-coalition-christy-turlington-inspired-makeup-beaded-slip-dress-shop-mlv-90s-fashion As for my outfit, I was inspired by old photos I found of Naomi and Christy partying in miniscule beaded dresses. I chose this slinky number from MLV and modernized the look with a cuff bracelet and strappy sandals. You might notice people wearing coats and scarves in the background. For the final scene in the video, we filmed on the street. Even though it was freezing I had to pretend I was prancing through NYC on a warm evening, reading to hit the town with my fab hair and makeup. It truly was a day of living the life of a supermodel!

Sydne-Style-Makeup-Forever-style-icons-style-coalition-christy-turlington-inspired-makeup-shift-dress-shop-mlv-90s-fashion-trends Sydne-Style-Makeup-Forever-style-icons-style-coalition-christy-turlington-inspired-makeup-big-hair-shop-mlv-beaded-shift-dress-90s Dress: MLV
Earrings: Tacori
Bracelet: Gerard Yosca
Bag: Carlo Pazoliini
Shoes: Steve Madden
Makeup: Make Up For Ever

*This post is sponsored by MAKE UP FOR EVER through Style Coaltion 

Sydne Style how to wear polka dot trend loft button up top spring outfit ideas.jpg
  • Ok, I love this look head to toe. I’m sure you’ve been told numerous times you look a lot like Christy…

    Xo Megan,

  • stylishlyinlove

    Love how she did your make up. Your eyes pop with the eyeliner.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  • Sydne Summer

    Thank you! She’s an incredible makeup artist!

  • Sydne Summer

    Wow best compliment ever. Thanks Megan!