April 17, 2009

Earth Month Day 17: RuMe Bags


I receive promotional tote bags probably once a month. But Denver-based company RuMeβ€”short for Reuse Meβ€”is the only one that got me to bring my own bag to the supermarket. Why? Because the polyester bags easily roll up and Velcro together in a size small enough to fit into my tiny glove compartment. And when I walk to Trader Joe’s I just stuff one or two RuMe bags in my pocket along with my credit card. I even started using them to bring food to work. Since they’re water resistant and machine washable, I can leave them in the community fridge without worrying about leaking leftovers. The other day I received two compliments when I brought lunch in my Spring in NY-Hamptons tote. That’s something a plastic bag could never achieve.

RuMe bags are available in sets of three for $29.85 and are sold separately for $9.95 each. They also have new metallic bags, made of a thicker fabric, that sell for $17.95 each.

Visit to learn more about the line.

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  1. dwj commented:

    These are very cute. My husband actually asked me about buying our own bags to use at the store, I may have to consider getting 2 sets of these and leaving them in the trunk.

    Published 4.20.09 Reply

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