May 4, 2009

DIY Present: Personalized Photo Fashion

photo-dress1Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m obsessed with photos. On my last vacation I took 135—and I was only gone for four days! Aside from pictures being great memories, they offer so many gift ideas: personalized M&Ms, mugs, mousepads… the list is endless. But unfortunately, you need to order these things in advance.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, time is running out. So instead of crossing your fingers that your personalized gift will arrive in time, make one yourself! Here’s how:

1. Buy a white or light color cotton dress or shirt.

2. Gather photographs, newspaper clippings, postcards and any other paper memorabilia you think mom will appreciate.

3. Place your garment on a table and decide where you want the memorabilia to go. Sketch your final decision so you don’t forget the layout.

4. Head over to Kinkos and make black and white copies of your memorabilia. Try to get everything onto two large pages (one for the front and one for the back of your garment).

5. Give your copies and garment to a Kinkos clerk and for about $20 he will iron everything onto to your dress or shirt.

The end product is totally wearable. How cute does my friend look above in her customized American Apparel dress? This gift idea works for other holidays as well. Celebrate an anniversary by putting photos of you and your sweetie on a sexy tube top dress. Or, toast a friend’s big birthday with a t-shirt dress showing her style throughout the years. Email me what you come up with and I’ll post it on ThinkThruFashion!

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  1. Vanita Rawat commented:

    I love this!!!!!!!!! I m totally into DIY stuff!!! I love creating handmade and unique gift items for my loved ones!!! but for the start off, vl make a dress for self!! Jus a quick question, I am from Mumbai, India…can this b done on any photoshop???

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  2. Sydne commented:

    I’m not sure Vanita. I think you’d have to ask your local shop. I hope it works out!

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