May 24, 2009

Talking Beauty with Brooke Shields

brookeThis week I learned that Brooke Shields loves grapefruit juice, the color purple, blue toenail polish and is even more beautiful in person than she in on screen. I think part of what makes her so stunning is her personality. She’s one of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met. I got the chance to talk to Brooke at a Coppertone event at the Thompson hotel in Beverly Hills. She’s the new spokesperson for Coppertone NutraShield so she was there with dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale to spread the word about protecting your skin from the sun.

As the two were taking pictures before the event began, Brooke towered above the doctor in her purple Prada platforms. “I’m always eight feet taller than everybody,” she laughed, stepping down a step so the doctor wouldn’t feel like a midget. Unlike many actresses, Brooke truly seems to think about others.

She went on to say that as a kid, she was the one tanning with baby oil and tinfoil. But after a recent precancerous scare, she’s completely changed her outlook and now gets her color out of a bottle or spray tans. Unlike Madonna, who avoids sun at all costs, Brooke is realistic and doesn’t want to dissuade people from enjoying the summer. She suggests getting a faux tan for a healthy glow then covering your body with SPF 70 when frolicking in the sand this Memorial Day weekend.

If you need something to scare so you don’t forget to protect your skin, check out this video below. Coppertone is going around the country with a DermaPhoto Booth, which takes a UV photograph of your face to show all the skin damage you can’t see in the mirror. Of course, Brooke Shields still looks stunning in her shot. Me? Not so much. So don’t make fun but here’s Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale analyzing my sunspots and providing tips on what to look for in sunscreen to prevent any more damage. Oh, and I took her advice today and used NutraShield and was pleasantly surprised. The $10 lotion was less greasy than my $30 bottle and just as moisturizing.

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