September 7, 2009

One Scarf, Tied 5 Different Ways

How To Tie A Silk Scarf 5 Ways

Silk scarves instantly add an element of glamour to any look. But that one question always remains: how do I tie it? Sabina Les, the founder of SL Designs, is a pro at wearing her gorgeous silk scarves many different ways. So I asked her to show ThinkThruFashion readers how to get the most out of their scarf purchases. With her easy steps, wearing one scarf five different ways is a cinch. And if you’re in New York for Fashion Night Out this Friday, buying these printed beauties just got 30% less expensive with the promotional code FNONY.

Here are Sabina’s tips on how and when to wear a long silk scarf…


How to Tie a Scarf

1. Fashionable Knot Look
This scarf look makes a great relax and professional look at the same time and works well with open neck lines and form fitting tops and dresses.

Step 1. Fold 10″x60″ long oblong scarf in half and make a wide knot if the middle of the scarf.

Step 2. Wrap the scarf around the neck with the knot centered in the front and hang the ends in the front.

Step 3. Loop both ends through the knot to achieve an elegant and fun big knot tie look.

How to Tie A Scarf Around your neck

2. New Scarf Choker Look
This style makes an updated scarf chocker look that looks great with a button down shirtย  or an open neckline.

Step 1. Fold 10″x60″ long oblong scarf in half and wrap around your neck with both sides equal and make a knot on one side.

Step 2. Loop one side through the knot in the front and twist both sides.

Step 3. Wrap twisted sides around the neck and tie in the back to create a choker look with a knot in the center.
How to Tie a Scarf on a Bag3. Scarf Around Bag Straps Look
Long oblong scarf adds an extra elegance to any fashionable, sport or casual bag.

Step 1. Fold 10″x60″ long oblong scarf in half.

Step 2. Tread the scarf though the straps and make a loop on one side.

Step 3. Loop loose ends through the loop and tighten and let the ends hang on the side.

How to Tie A Scarf as a Belt

4. Scarf as a Wide Belt Look
This is an easy look for updating the “belt” look and give it more feminine look.

Step 1. Take a long oblong 10″x60″ scarf and wrap it around your hips with both sides equal and make a knot.

How to Tie A Scarf as a Headband

5. Scarf headband Look
Another easy to create look and works great with every hairstyle and face shape.

Step 1. Take a long oblong 10″x60″ scarf fold it in half and wrap it around your head and make a tie in the back.

For more ways to way scarves, check out Sabina Les’ styling tips on her website!

*All styling tips and scarf styles used here are courtesy of and not allowed to be reproduced without our permission.

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  1. Kacie commented:

    I like it! I only have two scarves (the long and narrow kind) and I don’t wear them nearly enough. I might try to wear one as a belt through belt loops on a safari-style jacket.

    Also, I’ve used my longer scarves as a really simple, mostly baby-proof nursing cover. Yay, that!

    Published 9.9.09 Reply
    • Sydne commented:

      That’s a great idea on how to use your scarf!

      Published 9.9.09 Reply
  2. I rather like the choker idea. Nice look. I also wear a long scarf under the collar of a jacket. It works particularly well if the scarf ends are the same lenght as the jacket itself.

    Published 9.17.09 Reply
  3. The Budget Babe commented:

    great post! love the step by step how to.

    Published 9.22.09 Reply
  4. Blog Mode commented:

    Very good idea, tommorow, I will try for go out with my silk scarves

    Published 5.28.11 Reply
  5. Beauty Detective commented:

    Very cute ways, please go to my website-

    Do not put a period after the www!

    Published 11.4.11 Reply

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