June 6, 2023

How to Hide Belly Fat with 9 Easy Styling Tricks

Sydne Style gives fashion tips on what to wear to look thinner and taller

My flat stomach was always one of my favorite parts about my body. I used to do pilates multiple times a week, which strengthens your core. And when I did gain weight, it usually went to my lower half. Then I had a baby. I thought that my stomach would shrink back within the first month, two months tops. It did not. And because of delivery complications, I couldn’t work out either. So I relied on the next best thing for my new postpartum body: fashion. Here are 9 stylings tips and tricks that I use to hide belly fat.

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#1: Dress in monochromatic colors

This trick works no matter what body part you’re looking to disguise. If you want to look leaner or taller, it always helps to dress in one color from head to toe. It works even better if your monochromatic outfit is in a darker color, like black, navy or chocolate.

Sydne Style shows how to hide belly fat with easy styling tips
✓: Blazer: Talbots I Top: Abercrombie I Pants: Abercrombie I Flats: Vivaia

#2: Avoid boxy shapes

The goal is to create a long, lean silhouette. So skip those boxy tops and jackets.

#3: Split the torso with an open blazer

A long blazer gives the illusion that you are trimming your midsection!

These are the three brands where most of my blazer are from:

Sydne Style shows how to disguise a pooch postpartum in dresses
✓: Dress: Mestiza I Sandals: Dolce Vita

#4: Flaunt your legs

Draw attention away from your stomach by showing off those legs. Not comfortable in minis? You can use the same tip on top by showing off your décolletage and arms.

#5: Go for A-line silhouettes

Embrace the ’60s with a flirty A-line dress instead of a straighter and more narrow shape.

Shop A-line Mini Dresses

Sydne Style shows what to wear to hide your stomach postpartum
✓: Shirt: Hatch (non maternity option here) I Jeans: Talbots I Flats: Vivaia

#6: Untuck your top

When you want to show off your waist, you tuck in your tops. But to hide a midsection it’s best to leave your tops untucked.

#7: Go voluminous on top

Leave the volume up top with flowy blouses or relaxed shirts. Contrast the roomier shapes with keeping in more narrow on bottom.

Sydne Style shows how to make your midsection look smaller with easy fashion tips
✓: Top: Athleta I Leggings: Athleta I Sneakers: On Cloud

#8: Create diagonals

Asymmetry is your best friend. Diagonal lines instantly create a flattering silhouette. So pull your top off one shoulder. Or look for dresses and tops with asymmetrical necklines.

#9: Invest in compression bottoms

Living that leggings life? Make them compression leggings! They instantly shave off a few inches. There is also compression denim if you’re more of a jeans girl.

Shop Compression Leggings & Jeans

Sydne Style reviews Athleta compression leggings for best ways to hide pooch after giving birth

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    You will be able to go back because of your genetics. My tummy returned to normal after having my third and last child after 12 months (despite gaining 80 pounds). There is only a tiny bit of loose skin on my body now, but given how big I used to be, it’s not much. The kids are adults now, and my tummy has been flat and strong even now at 50 years old.

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