August 5, 2022

How to Look Taller with Easy Fashion Tips

Sydne Style shows how to look taller with easy style hacks

People are often surprised to learn that I’m only 5’3 (and a half). They often say, but you look so much taller! My trick? One, posture. I did ballet when I was a kid and Pilates as an adult. I could not recommend Pilates more for lengthening. Two? Fashion! Here are some of my go-to easy style hacks when it comes to how to look taller and slimmer:

Tuck in Your Top

The majority of the time, you’ll find me with my top tucked in. As you can see from the photos above, it instantly lengthens your body, even when wearing flats! This works for the majority of body types. If you’re trying to hide your midsection, however, I would skip this tip.

Sydne Style shows how to look taller in high waist jeans

opt for higher waist jeans & pants

I know low-rise is back in fashion. But to be honest, the trend makes me cringe. Yes, I wore it in high school and college. But now that I know better? Never again! Higher waist bottoms make your legs look so much longer. The lower the waist, the more it chops up your body. The only exception? If you have a short torso.

Sydne Style shows how to look taller in white pants

match your accessories to your clothing

When you want to look taller, the goal is to lengthen. So you never want to break up your body. Want to wear a belt? No problem! Just have it match your clothing so it doesn’t cut your body in half.

Sydne Style shows how to look taller in monochromatic outfits

When it doubt, go monochromatic

Monochromatic dressing aka wearing one color from head to toe is a fool-proof way to look taller… and slimmer! And it doesn’t matter the color. This works with any color, even white. Need some tips on monochromatic dressing? It’s one of my favorite fashion tips so I have a bunch of blog posts on it:

Prefer video? I did a reels on how to look taller over on Instagram!


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  1. Chris Jordan commented:

    Looking Beautifull and gorgeous in this dress i am soo inspired by your post wishing to see more posts like this.
    Dictionary Global

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  2. I appreciate the time and work you all put into sharing blogs on this subject; it was very beneficial. Continue posting!

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  3. janeparker commented:

    I love these fashion tips to help you look taller! As someone with no vertical talent, I’m always looking for ways to elongate my silhouette. Tips for solid colors, high-waisted trousers, and nude shoes are pure gold. Can’t wait to try out these stylistic tricks and add some height to my look! By the way, about inspiration: lately I have been very drawn to the Ukrainian Ladies blog ( Their post on Bulgarian brides not only gives an interesting insight into different cultures, but also sparks my creativity when it comes to creating my own style.

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