November 15, 2018

3 Tips for Wearing Winter White

Sydne Style shows how to wear winter white in white house black market coat

One of my favorite cold weather trends is winter white. There is something so chic about a fresh white look in fall and winter. I’ve worn many different variations over the years, most recently pairing my white coat with jeans and a sweater while I was in New York. A lot of people get scared about wearing all white. But honestly, I just carry a Tide pen around my purse and usually don’t have any problems! Here are three of my tips on rocking winter white…

play with different shades of white

The great thing about wearing any monochromatic outfit (i.e. the same color from head to toe) is you don’t have to worry about the shades matching perfectly. You can play with all different tones. Just take a look at this outfit. I mixed a white coat (now on sale!) with ivory jeans and over the knee boots, a more beige sweater and off-white hat. But all together, it gives the feeling of all-white.

mix your textures

Playing with different textures creates more interest when wearing all white. For fall and winter, play with chunky knits, leather, felt and denim.

amp up your makeup

Wearing all white tends to wash you out if you no longer have your summer glow. So I add a little more blush and bronzer than usual. To see what products I use, head over to my beauty faves page!

Speaking of coats, this week’s Trend Guide is all about my favorite coats and jackets of the season! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch!

Sydne Style shows how to wear winter white in white coat and jeans in new york city

Photos by Falcon Griffith 

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  1. Anne commented:

    This looks is so perfect!!

    Published 11.15.18 Reply
  2. Linda Evans commented:

    Your outfit looks very luxurious and chic. White for is a royal color. I am pretty sure that your outfit turned heads.

    Published 11.16.18 Reply
  3. Rowan commented:

    All white! Wow! It really works, and you look stunning. Great to have the excuse to wear those boots too. They are gorgeous.

    Published 11.17.18 Reply
  4. Michał commented:

    You are beautifully dressed. Wonderful, sexy white boots ! ! !

    Published 11.18.18 Reply

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