March 18, 2010

Ask ThinkThru: What to Wear to My High School Reunion?

What to Wear to My High School Reunion?
I was wondering if you have any advice about what I could wear to my 30-year high school reunion coming up this summer. I’d like to wear flats if at all possible because I’m 5’ 10” and my husband is shorter than I am. I also hate towering over people as I do when I wear heels, and most all my friends from school are short—even the guys. I don’t really want to wear a dress with flats. I think that looks clumsy, plus it looks like you’re trying too hard not to be tall and I hate that! I have long legs and a long waist and a pretty good figure if I do say so myself, and I don’t mind showing it off a little, but I want to look appropriate. Any advice?—Rhonna

Reunions are stressful. You’re seeing people you haven’t talked to in years so you want to look hot, while still staying classy and sophisticated. Since you don’t want to wear a dress or skirt, your only other option is pants. But instead of basic black slacks, try something a little different: the jumpsuit.

Michael Stars Surplice Jumpsuit is flattering for all sorts of body types. The straps are thick enough to wear a bra while the flattering v-neck shows off just the right amount (if it’s a little too low for you, you can always layer a black cami underneath). The ruched waist is incredibly slimming and the slight flare in the pants will hide the fact that you’re wearing flats. Another plus? The material won’t crease so it’s easily packable if you’re traveling for your reunion.
Now that you have your basic down, it’s time to talk accessories. Last month, I showed how much you can change the look of a jumpsuit with just a few pieces.  Above, I’ve picked out four different looks to add personality to basic black. Match them with a clutch you already have in your closet and bring a cardigan just in case it gets chilly.

1. Black geometric stones add an art deco vibe. Pair this look with a black or silver clutch and black or bright colored cardigan.
Adia Kibur Wrapped Stones Bib Necklace, Charlotte Russe Stone Cluster Ring, Steve Madden Denaa sandal.

2. I love the pop of turquoise against the antique gold and snakeskin is an unexpected surprise on bottom. A black, metallic, turquoise or crimson clutch would work and I’d probably stick to black for the sweater.
Madewell Wrapped Rhinestone Necklace, Charlotte Russe Stacked Beaded Ring, Steve Madden Florale flat.

3. The trendy mixed chains and flower ring with the leopard shows you can have a little fun with fashion. Try either a black clutch with a red, pink or purple cardigan or a black sweater with a bright colored bag.
Landver Mixed Chain Necklace, Charlotte Russe Oversized Flower Ring, Blend1 leopard flat.

4. The crystals add a little glam factor. You could stick with silver and black, but I threw in a colorful shoe for just a touch of color.
Adia Kibur Multi Rectangle Necklace, Charlotte Russe Circle Rhinestone Ring, Steve Madden Florale flat.

Hope this helps and enjoy the reunion!

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  1. michellelowrey commented:

    I also have a 30 year high school reunion to attend this coming August. Not sure what to wear. It is going to be an evening reunion at a hotel. I am 5’6…size 6. I have large breast DD. Small waist, I have been told I have an hour glass figure. I really do not want to wear anything that will show my upper arms. As far as a dress I would be okay with that I guess. Heels are fine as well. My best colors are purple, red or black. I am a brunette with medium skin tone. Any suggestions?

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