May 27, 2010

Ask ThinkThru: Flattering Swimwear For Your Body Type

Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of summer—and it’s when most of realize we need to whip our body in shape ASAP for bathing suit season. One of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind is always, What looks good on my body type? So, I’ve asked the experts over SwimSpot to share some of their tips on figure-flattering suits. Check out their guest post below, and then come back tomorrow for my video that shows trendy suits for all body types.

SwimSpot guest blogging here. Your one and only source to the latest news, tips, and tricks for being part of the beach bombshell elite.

First things first, a common faux pas for fashion is not dressing for your body type. Growing up during those awkward pre-teen years (you’re a saint if you didn’t), we thought we could pull off any cool trend and just throw it on. Baggy overalls, platform sneakers, two size too small, you name it. Result: bad news where your flaws are intensified with must- burn-now polaroids.

Splendid – Solid Triangular Bikini Top and Solid Tie Side Bottom

Keep Calm and Carry On. There’s no need to hide under your towel or summer dress. We’ve got some swimwear tips to boost up your confidence with your most appealing features accentuated. Lend us your ears, slather on your bronzing oil and consider yourself on your way to being a Beach Goddess.

Missing some oomf, needing a little bust?
If you have a boyish figure and need a little more ooomf, consider rummaging through the racks for a top with ruffles. The ruffles speak volumes…literally! Avoid wearing horizontal stripped bikinis which will make you look more like a ruler. The trick is making you curvilicious. Your swimwear bff? String bikinis that hug your bod.

Athena Pick Your Fit – Namibia Bandini Top and Banded Bikini Bottom

Hiding your pooch
The common aspiration for swimwear clad women is sporting a flat tummy. The trick for apple-shaped swim-inistas is find a one piece diagonal dancing suit. Ruches, diagonal stripes and ombre create the illusion of a clinched waist. Plus, the awesome bonus of diverting all attention to other body parts. Also, high waisted pants are in, why not high waisted bottoms to conceal your tummy? Tres chic.

NEXT by Athena – Find the Rhythm Bikini Top and Retrom Bikini Bottom

Why hello Jlo
Pear-shaped women sometimes have a little more junk in the trunk.  To even out the attention to your bottom half, the trick is to have everyone’s eye at the top. Balance. Look for bright colored tops and dark bottoms. Halters and strapless tops are fab for focus on the upper body.

Luxe by Lisa Vogel – Getty Maillot One Piece Swimsuit

If you’re bigger on top
Avoid skimpy string bikini tops, but opt for thicker straps for support. We love the halter maillots for excellent support and colorful prints helping to tone down your curves.

Lucky gals
Hourglass figures are lucky when choosing swimwear because of accentuated waists with a balanced top AND balanced bottom. No need to magically create an illusion of symmetry that’s already there. Triangular and halter tops look great on hourglass women.

Fashion is an art. With our tips the main goal is to create the illusion of proportion. Flaunt and accentuate your assets. Ladies, remember that the best fashion accessory is confidence. With a flattering swimwear hugging your bod, the smile on your face, beach, and sunshine around you. Looking good just comes secondary.

You have lots of options, so take a dip at for em.


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    Great tips. Thanks for the advice. Needed some ‘swimwear’ help! It is that time of the year! Yay!

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