December 8, 2010

ttF Fashion Diary: DIY Fancy Gloves

ttF Fashion Staple: Leather Leggings
While we were picking out looks for our BCBG presentation the other week, celeb stylist Colin Megaro and I started discussing the comeback of the glove. Of course, when I lived in Boston I wore gloves everyday from November through April. But in Los Angeles, you don’t exactly need cashmere lining to step outside. Β Still, I adore the look. I often wish I grew up in the 60s, when ladies wore gloves to lunch and never had a lock of hair out of place.

While getting ready for tonight’s red carpet couture charity event, hosted by my friend Daniella Peters, I thought about the chat I had with Colin. Then, I remembered my friend Kristen Turner’s fab DIY glove post. I wanted to borrow the ones she made but because of time constraints, I had to create my own. I folded my leather gloves to create a cuff, and then used matching stretchy bracelets to keep everything in place. It took under a minute to put them together and I got compliments all night long. I expected this to be one of those trends only loved by women and gay men. But surprisingly, I was told by a straight man he finds women in gloves to be incredibly sexy. Good to note! Another great thing about my quick DIY? At the end of the night, when the bracelets came off, the gloves returned to their classic, functional state.

Nicole Miller bolero, Rebecca Taylor top, Stuart Weitzman pumps, Kate Spade bag, gloves I received as a present DIY-ed with lia sophia bracelets.

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  1. Aryan commented:

    Straight men love gloves more than anyone else, especially leather gloves.

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