March 16, 2011

ttF Faves: New Beginnings

ttF Faves: Personalized M&Ms with pictures and text

If you follow me on Twitter (I’m @sydnesummer) you’ve already heard my big news: After 5 wonderful years at E! and the Style Network, I’ve decided to work full time on ThinkThruFashion, Sydne Style, as well as styling an on-air hosting! To celebrate, my mother, who is my biggest supporter and a true inspiration sent me these customized M&Ms (which make a fabulous gift!). So thanks mom… and thank you my lovely readers, who have all made this possible. I truly appreciate you coming to my blog every day to get inspired by fashion.

Over the next few weeks I will be rolling out new features and bringing back the popular Ask Sydne columns, now called Ask Sydne. You can email all your fashion questions using this form.

Now my question for you is: What do you want to see more of on ThinkThruFashion? What are your favorite types of posts? Is there anything you wish there was less of? Any and all feedback is much appreciated. I aim to please. And thank you again for your support!

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  1. Jessica commented:

    I like the staples you do. It really helps me think about stuff I have in my closet. So I think just keep doing that and I will come back every day to check new ones!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  2. The Review Buzz commented:

    I really enjoy the fashion diary.

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  3. Rebecca commented:

    I agree with Jessica.

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  4. Jamie commented:

    The M&Ms are so cute!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  5. Tina commented:

    I like when you show details of your accessories. Your jewelry is really pretty.

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  6. Shauna commented:

    What a genius gift!!!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  7. LaShandra commented:

    that’s cute! the perfect gift!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  8. Justwright1 commented:

    Your Mom always has the perfect gift! Congratulations on your new beginning!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  9. Justwright1 commented:

    Your Mom always gives the best gifts! Good luck on your new beginning!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  10. pinktulip commented:

    I’d love to see more close up details, like someone else said, of your jewelry and accessories (bags) that you wear with the outfits so to see a more “complete” look. Something for us cold weather girls would be great too (how to layer for cold, bundle up with the right coat, accessorize with scarves, etc)

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  11. adrianagirl commented:

    I agree. More close up details please!

    Published 3.16.11 Reply
  12. julialanelle commented:

    I’m a fan of your monthly staples. It inspires me to get more creative with my clothes.
    I would like to see a “Before & After” thread with accessories. The Before would feature clothes without accessories and the After would show the same outfit but dressed up with necklace/shoes/lipstick/whatever. Along with the pictures you could describe why you chose the particular accessories you did. This would help a lot of us learn how to better create interesting ensembles from blah outfits.

    Published 3.18.11 Reply

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