September 10, 2011

ttF Video: Adam Lippes on Spring, Oprah & Sex Toys?

Every season, I adore ADAM. The clothes are so incredibly fresh and wearable. And Spring 2012 was no exception. I got the pleasure of watching Adam Lippes’ show in the American Express Skybox. And after, the designer even came up to discuss his line. He’s just as personable as his clothing, getting quite a few laughs as he told his stories of Oprah’s personal phone call (the highlight of his career), why his company gets questions about sex toys and how he simply doesn’t understand why women feel the need to travel in pajamas. For Adam, comfort can be incredibly chic. Hear it all in the video above! And make sure to check out the AMEX Skybox Report blog for daily recaps of the shows and behind-the-scenes action from myself and my fellow bloggers!

Disclosure: I am being compensated for contributing to The American Express Skybox Report, however, the content and thoughts shared about American Express are my own.

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