April 11, 2012

Ask Sydne: Three Day Cleanse with BluePrint Cleanse

I need a review [of your cleanse]. Thinking about doing it too, but scared I may pass out! —via Instagram

Two years ago, I attempted a DIY Juice Cleanse. I failed. Miserably. I decided cleansing was not for me. But after hearing so many fashionistas rave about juicing I decided to give it another go. This time I skipped the DIY detox and spent the money on the BluePrint Cleanse. Even after receiving one free day at a fashion event, it was still $130 for the three-day Renovation Cleanse. Pretty pricy! But, as you can tell if you follow me on Instagram (I’m @sydnesummer), I have been overindulging quite a bit. So I figured it was worth it.

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that just like in fashion and beauty, trends don’t work for everyone.

The Renovation Cleanse is actually the easiest of the three detoxes. The first day I was fine until the evening. My hunger made me very cranky but there was no physical discomfort. Day two I woke up starving, extremely tired and had the chills. Even after four out of my six juices my symptoms didn’t change, aside from a headache being thrown into the mix. I tried to go to sleep early so the day would end sooner. But I couldn’t stop grinding my teeth. On Day 3 I woke up even worse. Instead of waiting two hours between juices, I could only wait an hour. After juice 4 I quit, ate food and finally started feeling better.

In all fairness, my friend who was cleansing with me felt energized and happy with the experience. And I actually liked all the juices except for the final “milkshake.” It’s supposed to be your desert/reward for the day but the texture made it difficult for me to handle. Perhaps the Juice ‘Til Dinner would have been a better route for me to go. But as for the juice cleanse? I’d rather spend the money on a different trend: neon shoes.



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  1. bussbuss commented:

    Finally! Someone who told the truth and had the same experience as me – ha! I did a different cleanse — from a brand that’s gotten a TON of press lately — and got violently ill from it.

    That said, the hub did it too, and felt fine.

    I think maybe those who are on the thin side, and don’t have much in the way of fat reserves, don’t handle these cleanses well.

    Published 4.12.12 Reply
  2. Sydne commented:

    I think you have a good point bussbuss. Everything can’t work for everyone!

    Published 4.12.12 Reply
  3. The Style Elite commented:

    Im so glad I read this, I was thinking of doing this. Thank you so much for your honest opinion and not jumping into the bandwagon of bloggers who recommend products that suck just because they are sponsored 🙂

    Published 4.20.12 Reply
  4. Sydne commented:

    Of course! As I said, it did work for my friend, just not for me. I think it really depends on your body so maybe try a one day cleanse first or a juice plus raw food cleanse if you’re hesitant.

    Published 4.20.12 Reply

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