March 14, 2013

H&M Garment Recycling & 15% Off!

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You should never let fashion go to waste. That’s why H&M now offers garment recycling collection services. It’s pretty simple. You fill up a bag with clothing from any brand, in any condition. You drop the bag off at your local H&M. And in return for you donation, you get a 15% off voucher for a new item from the store! You can donate up to two bags daily. Since a new season is upon us, I did a little Spring cleaning of my own. I figured it was a great time to clear out clothing I no longer wear, and in the process give you a video tour of my closet. You can check it out by subscribing to my channel at

If you donate before March 31, you get a special ticket that bumps up your discount to 15% off your entire purchase. Plus, it offers you chances to win multiple prizes. It’s a pretty great deal, plus it always feels to good to give back. H&M gives back in many ways, not just through garment recycling. They’re the #1 user of organic cotton worldwide, which is pretty amazing. They also donate 2.3 million garments to charities, and are very eco friendly. You can learn more about what happens to the clothes after they are recycled by visiting

*Disclosure: This post is sponsored by H&M with Style Coalition.

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